Dam time

Dam time

Forget about fluoride. If Council doesnt do something about building a second dam soon well all be drinking sewage. Believe me, itll come to it.

Lydia Connelly


Pumped up

Following the recent decision to pump water from the Wilsons River it has become clear why there has been a push for fluoridation. As we are forced to grin and bear it at least we will show a nice set of pearly whites (hah!).

Further to this would (should) be the resignation of Mr Franklin and his ilk for his claim that backwash pollution will not happen... the Titanic never did sink! Also for his statement that the dam will be built when there are more people to pay for it. Costs will increase as money is wasted on the pumping scheme. Arent we lucky that such attitudes did not exist in the previous 200 or so years?!

Bob Mac

South Lismore

Defence fraud

Zionist apologists have always defended Israels militarism and expansion on the grounds that the survival of the Jewish state was threatened by hostile Arab neighbours.

But in his diary, former Israeli prime minister Moshe Sharett admits that the security argument has always been a fraud.

According to Sharett, the Israeli political and military leadership never believed in any Arab danger to Israel.

Rather, Israel has sought to maneuver and force the Arab states into military confrontations which the Zionist leadership were certain of winning, so Israel could carry out the destabilisation of Arab regimes and occupy more territory.

According to Sharett, Israelsaim has been to dismember the Arab world, defeat the Arab national movement and create puppet regimes under regional Israeli power and to modify the balance of power in the region radically, transforming Israel into the major power in the Middle East.

As we can all see, this policy is still in place in Israels latest act of defending itself by the indiscriminate slaughter and destruction of Lebanon, yet again.

In this conflict so far, that most moral of establishments, the Israeli Defence Force, has managed to kill more children than enemy combatants.

The Palestinian people, on the other hand, who have been living under 39 years of brutal Israeli occupation, exploitation, uprooting and degradation, dont have the right, nor the means, of defending themselves.

Useful website: Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine (www.ajpp.canberra.net.au).

Tom Koo


Insulting observations

Perhaps Jim Cross (Echo, July 27) does not realise how offensive and grossly erroneous it is to compare Israel with Nazi Germany. There are no race laws, concentration camps or gas chambers in Israel, nor does Israel seek to conquer its neighbours.

Arabs comprise 20 per cent of Israels population, and are full and equal citizens of Israel. There are Arab political parties and 11 Arab members of the Israeli parliament.

If Israel did not have military superiority, Israel would be bombed out of existence. Israel currently faces Hezbollah, Irans proxy, Hamas and others. President Ahmadinejad of Iran has repeatedly stated his genocidal intent to wipe out the six million Jews of Israel. The Islamofascist agenda of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and others is a threat not only to Israel but to all nations, including Arab and Muslim nations.

The history lesson of the Holocaust, Mr Cross, is Never Again! The Jewish State will defend itself against attack by those who seek its destruction.

Ten-year-old Daisy, its good to see young people concerned about our world.

We are all moved by the suffering of civilians in Lebanon caught up in this war, as shown on our television screens. Let us also not forget that which is rarely shown on television the Israeli injured and dead from Hezbollah missiles, the half a million Israelis who have fled the bombings of their homes, and Israelis who have been living in underground bunkers for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, in war, civilians suffer, regardless of who they are.

Julie Nathan


The battle continues

Recently we were asked how the Save the Campbell Hospital Coraki project was progressing as there had been little media coverage about the situation.

Be assured your committee is still battling away and are waiting upon a decision to be made by the North Coast Area Health Service and our present government.

The battle will continue until the decision is made to the communitys satisfaction.

Chris Ryan and Diane Mackie

On behalf of the Save the Coraki and District Campbell Hospital Committee

Truth hurts

I was half or more expecting someone to tell be to get to a nunnery in response to my thoughts about the play Sister Ignatius recently on at the Rochdale Theatre in Goonellabah. So thanks for your acknowledgments John Taylor and Eddie Burns (Echo, July 27).

Ive learnt the hard way that it is not necessarily so that biblical dictum about the truth setting people free. Telling the truth can be exceptionally perilous.

But, maybe the bard the playwright William Shakespeare got it right for all time: Tis better to be that which we destroy then by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.

Sister Mark had us learn practically the whole of Macbeth by heart.

Kathryn Pollard


Match making

Artie Beetsons concept of Aboriginal and Maori teams participating in the 2008 Rugby League World Cup is an idea that the ARL apparently wont entertain. And that might very well be the end of the matter.

It recalls to mind the persistence of Queensland Senator Ron McAuliffe that led to what has long been regarded as the highest of our Rugby League calendar, the State of Origin series. These matches transcend even international fixtures.

But what if an Aboriginal team was selected to play, each year, a game against the best of the NRL competition, with the proviso of course that all indigenous players be eligible only for the Aboriginal team? What a game that would be. What a promotion for reconciliation!

Cant you imagine the build-up to the game Australia versus The Rest. It would be a winner from the start.

On current form the Australian team would be hard to beat but The Rest would certainly give a good account of themselves. After all, theyd have a lot of non-indigenous players in the NRL competition to choose from.

Barry Walsh


McDonalds mania

Have you ever noticed the Lismore Shopping Square has a McDonalds? Im sure youve also noticed that just across the road there was already a McDonalds. How many do we need?

McDonalds has been promoting a healthy food menu. However, they dont seem too concerned about people getting exercise.

McDonalds customers should be encouraged to walk off some of the calories they will gain eating this so called food. They should at least take the trouble to go down the travelator and walk to the McDonalds across the road from the square. And how about throwing that litter in the bin when theyre finished (not on the ground)?!

Daisy Aczel Morris (aged 10)

South Lismore

Returning home

On July 21 and 22 I had the privilege of returning home to Lismore for an Inner Wheel District changeover meeting. I wish to thank all those who were involved and particularly the Lismore Workers Club and Luv a Coffee. The Workers Club provided us with a lovely venue for the weekend including our friendship meal on Friday night and our changeover dinner Saturday night. Luv a Coffee provided us with breakfast on Sunday morning and finished off a wonderful weekend of friendship, hugs, laughter and a few tears. The weather was glorious and it was just the way I remembered it. I have only been gone a year and I have missed the beauty of the landscape. To those I managed to meet up with keep smiling, to those who I didnt get a chance to see I thought of you all and hope you understand that time did not permit a lot of visiting. Please consider this a hug from me if you missed out. God bless and thank you Lismore.

Alison Lubow

Mile End, SA

Apology for Arnold

I need to apologise to Graeme Arnold for using him as an example for my belief in what happens to humans when they surround themselves with metal, as in driving a car.

I feel that I unfairly criticised Graeme in my article about how metal and electricity are two tools that humanity is using without knowing the full effects.

Im sure that Graeme is a decent, good Christian man and is undeserving of my criticism.

I was just trying to make the point that I believe the earth to be a living organism that is being attacked by an ignorant infestation of parasitic creatures using metal and electricity to attack the benevolent mother.

The network of electrical wires surrounding the earth is being perceived by the earth like a giant octopus attacking with its tentacles restricting its freedom and slowly eating away life force. The physical symptom is the weakening of the magnetic force field that surrounds the earth, protecting us from solar and cosmic radiation and rays. And I feel that associating with metal and electricity dulls your senses, for eg. everyone knows how hopping behind the steering wheel of a car changes a persons personality.

J W Joubert

South Lismore

Hall makes its mark

St Marks Hall has been moved to its new position at the Nimbin Community Gardens where it will be a valuable community resource. This was made possible thanks to the support of the following local businesses who made generous donations: Snipping Heads, Motdang Thai, Nimbin Gourmet, Daizy, Rubyesque Bookshop, The Hemp Bar, Bringabong, Nimbin Pharmacy, Nimbin Hotel, Happy High Herbs, Nimbin Lifestyle Real Estate, Nimbin Organics, Susukka Trading, Village Meats, Nimbin Kebabs, Rainbow Cafe, Nimbin Auto Centre, Nimbin Environment Centre.

Possible future uses of the hall include meeting space for community groups, seed bank, office space for environment centre. Nimbin Community Gardens have regular work days for organic gardening and meetings to discuss and implement projects such as seed bank, nursery, environmentally sustainable community job creation, skill-sharing. Everyone welcome. Phone me on 6633 7345 for more info.

Lisa Doherty


Driving me round the bend

Having driven all types of vehicles since 1941 (cars, vans, taxis, buses and trucks of all sizes, including semi-trailers), in cities, the country and interstate, I suppose I should not be surprised at the way some drivers in our region and elsewhere fail to observe the basics of good driving, frequently indicating their intention too late, such as while turning left or right, instead of before turning. Or often when going straight ahead after leaving a roundabout, therefore driving down the street with their left indicator on and pedestrians sometimes think they are about to park, and begin to cross the street, then have to step back quickly or be run down.

As for courtesy towards other drivers, just last week I was driving down Molesworth Street in Lismore in a section where there is only one lane, plus kerbside parking on the left. A driver was indicating their intention to pull out and leave, so I signalled my intention to park there. The driver left and I drove forward a little over a car length and reversed into the space.

Nothing wrong with that, you would think, but not so, according to a lady who was apparently double parked about two or three car lengths further up the street. She got out of her car and let me know in no uncertain manner that she was going to reverse back and that I had taken her space. I am usually courteous, but would have been wrong to give her that spot.

Doug Myler

Lismore Heights

Inspired choices

Congratulations to Ballina Shire Council on their decision to vote in favour of the rescission motion to leave Ballina Shires water supply fluoride free.

The decision was 6/3 (Against fluoridation Crs Felsch, Wright, Johnson, Howes, Rich and Brown. For fluoridation Crs Cadwallader, Silver and Moore).

The manner in which the meeting was conducted was extraordinary, exemplary and inspiring.

The community can be proud of each and every councillor who voted against fluoridation as they have shown respect for the right to freedom of choice and also avoiding increased impact on the community and environment.

They showed categorical evidence of the volumes of research each had individually sought to come to an accurately informed decision after weighing up both sides of the debate.

It was evident they had not taken the controversial matter lightly, emphasising the need for every individual to think for themselves.

They were a shining example of councillors truly representing their community in an informed, objective manner with a responsible vision for health and the environment for our future.

The Network also wishes to acknowledge the contributions of commitment, effort, time and energy from all those helpers and supporters of the Networks successful campaign.

Ilga Sleja and Col & Phyll Bilston

The Ballina Fluoridation Free Network

Blind faith in fluoride

Once upon a time there was a Lismore resident named E Gray who lived in the land of blind faith and sweeping generalisation. E Gray believes that the word of dentists and doctors is gospel and we all should follow like sheep to allow a chemical to be placed in our water. Obviously E Gray ignored the fact of the petition signed by 800 people who strongly oppose a poison being placed in our water supply. E Gray also ignored the fact that only 50 per cent of ingested fluoride filters out of our system. There have been studies by doctors (the gospel spreaders) to link it to damaged kidney and liver function in children, thyroid impairment and increased fractures in the elderly.

Blind faith has allowed E Gray to believe that, because of the old guard of doctors and dentists, its okay to place a chemical that is more toxic than lead and only marginally less poisonous than arsenic, in our water. Its okay to place this in our water supply but it is illegal to dump this hazardous waste at sea. And where does the magical cure for all our dental problems come from? Why it is a toxic industrial waste by-product derived from the super-phosphate fertiliser, and aluminum industries which is otherwise known as hexafluorosilicic acid! But to make it more digestible the almighty great and wonderful medical alumni decided to rename it fluoride.

Who shouldnt listen to the opinion of the medical industry and their quick fix solutions? Here are some other marvels of modern medicine: HRT, Stilbestrol and Thalidomide.

Finally, E Gray suggested that Sydneysiders have benefited from their fluoridated water. Recent World Health Organisation (2004) research shows that the decrease in tooth decay and cavities in fluoridated countries is dropping at exactly the same rate in countries that do not fluoridate their water.

And so E Gray, Im sure youve already made the assumption that the author of this letter is another highly vocal hippie who does not immunise their children. I am a mother who has a fully immunised child, does allow him to ride in a motor vehicle and I am a dental assistant.

Gaylee Kuchel


Destined for fluoride

It would appear Lismore City Council is destined to give us fluoridated water. If we dont like to drink it, it appears we may be able to go to the Water Park and have it sprayed on us at our leisure.

It would seem to me Rous Water are being paid to take someone elses by-product and dump it into our water supply.

Congratulations to the four councillors who fought, tooth and nail, for the referendum on fluoride.

The other thing to come out of that council meeting is the fact that it is time the mayor brought his fellow councillors into order. How rude some are to talk amongst themselves when someone is speaking. It is very difficult most of the time to hear in the gallery.

Robert Morton


Misguided acts

I doubt anyone would deny that fluoride can be beneficial in reducing tooth decay. My concern, and that of many others, is about how fluoride is applied and I am against applying it through the water supply because I do not agree with people having to ingest something they do not want or need.

Coincidentally, the Dental Special supplement of July 27 in the Sydney Morning Herald says that the oral health of middle-aged Australians is among the worst in the developed world, with tooth decay on the rise. It also says that the number of children requiring general anaesthetic for dental surgery, most commonly tooth extractions, tripled in the past decade. Given that fluoridation has been around for nearly 40 years, why are we a nation in decay?

Interestingly, the Australian Dental Association puts it down largely to a lack of funding and a lack of dentists. The public health system is worst, with patients waiting up to eight years for treatment, according to a Herald investigation last year. The costs of visiting a dentist are prohibitive for many people with dentists charging an average rate of $350 per hour. Small wonder that disadvantaged children and adults are seeking help from their GPs and requiring hospitalisation for dental infections.

Interestingly, another article in the supplement, Soft drinks fail the acid test, points out that the combined sugar and acid contained in soft drinks is highly corrosive for teeth, especially childrens. What is particularly worrying is that 25 per cent of 2-3 year-olds, 45 per cent of 12-15 year-olds and 57 per cent of 16-18 year-olds consume soft drink rather than alternatives such as water. Perhaps fluoride should be added to soft drinks, which are clearly a huge contributor to tooth decay.

The supplement makes for interesting reading and reinforces for me that the Health Departments strategy of enforcing fluoride on everyone to benefit a small proportion of the population is both misguided and potentially counter-productive.

Ros Irwin


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