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My Super Ex-Girlfrend

Directed by Ivan Reitman

Rated M

Break ups can be nasty. Weve all heard the horror stories cars filled with cement, water-logged apartments sprouting alfalfa carpeting, expensive suits cut to ribbons...

And break-ups can be downright dangerous if you happen to be a pet. Just ask the bunny in Fatal Attraction! Or Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) goldfish in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Because if you think breaking up is hard to do, try doing it with a superhero!

In this wacky romantic comedy Matt (Wilson) gets lucky with superhero G-Girls alter ego Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman). Of course he has no idea the woman he is chatting up is really a superhero in disguise; she bears more resemblance to a librarian. A really sexy librarian. (Why do all guys think librarians are dying for it?) Anyway, hes getting the all-too-familiar brush-off when suddenly a thief snatches Jennys handbag. Matt takes off in pursuit, retrieves the purse, unfortunately winds up in a dumpster, but still manages to impress Jenny. As G-Girl shes always saving other people but no-one has ever come to her rescue before. Faster than a speeding bullet shes in love!

And what about Matt? At first everythings super! Its fun having a girlfriend and the sex is great, if a little painful and hard on the furniture. However Jenny definitely has issues. Shes super jealous, super needy and when he tells her he wants to break up shes just plain super scary.

And when she finds out Matt has the hots for his co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris)... well, lets just say hell has no fury like a super woman scorned!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend will either tickle your funny bone or leave you completely unimpressed. It worked for me as I was in the mood for an over-the-top, crazy comedy and this hit the mark. Im really sick of angst ridden comic book characters, with the exception of X-Men, but thankfully My Super Ex-Girlfriend is more concerned with just having a good time. And it delivers big time. Its big on laughs, there are some hilarious scenes and if anyone can make goofy sexy its Luke Wilson. And not only is he cute, hes a total hoot! In fact all the characters are great. These include Matts best friend Vaughn (Rainn Wilson) and G-Girls arch nemesis Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard).

Lightweight, fun entertainment!

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