Canberra Connection with Justine Elliot

Foreign apprentices

Did you know that over 200 skilled foreign workers are arriving in NSW every day? This doesnt even include the unskilled foreign apprentices John Howard is planning on importing into jobs that should be going to Aussie kids.

As a mother I am worried about the employment future of our local children under a Howard Government.

John Howard is importing apprentices from overseas. Under Mr Howards scheme employers are not even required to advertise locally before hiring foreign workers.

In Richmond we have 32.1 per cent youth unemployment. Why isnt the Howard Government investing in our childrens futures?

Over the last 10 years Mr Howard has turned away 270,000 students from TAFE and at the same time allowed in 300,000 workers.

I do not support John Howards practice of importing apprentices whilst Aussie kids are being turned away. I believe in training our local young people and giving them the skills they need to obtain employment.

I want to see the youth employment levels in our area go up and dependency on imported workers to go down not the other way around. I support immigration, but immigration is no substitute for training young Australians. I say train Australians first and train them now!

A Federal Labor Government will invest in our children by removing TAFE fees for traditional apprentices as well as abolishing foreign apprenticeship visas.

Drink driving

Members of our community are telling me how concerned they are about an increase in drink driving in our area.

Hard working local police catch more drink drivers in the Byron/Tweed district than anywhere else in the state. If you get caught drink driving you will lose your licence, you will face hefty fines, and you can even go to jail. Drink driving is just not worth it.

Drink driving is dangerous, for the driver and the rest of the community. As a former police officer I believe that its important to work together to make our community safe.

Office contacts

Ph: 1300 720 675

Fax: 6277 5379

Address: PO Box 6996, Tweed Heads South, NSW, 2486


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