The upside of the final few days of Mercury retrog

The upside of the final few days of Mercury retrograde yes, there is one is that finicky equipment, faulty connections and whatever else isnt working are likely to finally give up the ghost so you can replace them with something more efficient

ARIES: Lusting for stuff you just cant afford? Like this weeks birthday boy Mick Jagger sings, you cant always get what you want. But youve got what you need, so be creative with it and be aware of all the small miracles that are happening for you.

TAURUS: Hey big spender! Leos lavish, luxurious energy unzips the Tauran pursestrings and has you thinking big, splashing your cash, making grand plans and extending your wish list in no uncertain term. This week brings exciting new enterprises and adventures to the Tauran storyboard.

GEMINI: Exciting possibilities send your thought-waves adventuring, but dont get carried away yet. Pay attention to what people around you are doing and saying, because this weeks astral package includes mishandled facts, biased reporting and egos getting in the way of accuracy.

CANCER: Its worth taking a second look at something or someone youve dismissed or had mixed feelings about this week. Mending fences will serve you better than burning bridges, because other people often turn out to be your most valuable assets.

LEO: Happy birthday Majesties, and heres a gift from this weeks birthday Leo, George Bernard Shaw, you can use to justify all sorts of naughtiness: Reasonable people adapt to the world. Unreasonable ones adapt the world to themselves.Therefore all progress is caused by unreasonable people

VIRGO: If Mars in Virgo starts you thinking why arent others as meticulous and hard working as you are, dont go there. This week wants you turning your attention to making important decisions not for others, but on your own behalf and honestly acknowledging your real needs and dreams.

LIBRA: Yep, this weeks overbearing, high handed bossyboots types are up themselves but big egos are easily handled with the F word. Not that one, although youll be tempted. The flattery one which is likely to get you whatever you want.

SCORPIO: Scorpios dont like taking orders or being bossed around, but this week your strong will could meet equally indomitable opposition. Not that you mind a stoush, but dont go down the old win-lose route youre better off looking for common ground.

SAGITTARIUS: This weeks the birthday anniversary of Carl Jung, who believed the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. Not too shabby a brief for this week, though I dont think that includes burning the candle at both ends

CAPRICORN: Your problem solving glands are getting a good workout right now, Capricorns being born with the Saturnian curse of knowing whats best for everyone else. But this week requires a passionate commitment to yourself to your own creativity, joy and freedom of expression.

AQUARIUS: This is the time of year when youre most likely to come up with an eccentric concept which could make a motza. Wild and wonderful ideas are currently flooding the Aquarian brainbox, and if others think theyre fantastic and outrageous, youll take that as a compliment.

PISCES: This weeks lively pulse dissolves a few obstacles and presents you with some juicy new opportunities. It takes courage to step out of the security zone to follow your heart and your dreams, but thats the direction astral indications are suggesting

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