Binge drinking in the spotlight

Alstonville High School students and creators of the One Night Limits film (l-r) Hope Skehan, Alex Mills, Elise McCarthy, Joel Crowther, Will Jacobsen and Elke Jacobsen.

A group of Alstonville High School students saw red recently when they read an article complaining about the drunken, unruly behaviour of the schools students at various events.

The article generalised that it was all of the students from Alstonville, said Elise McCarthy, and we felt like we needed to respond to the complaints.

So they made a film about it. Or more specifically about binge drinking, which naturally progresses to drunken and unruly behaviour, unsafe sex and other undesirable events.

One Night Limits is a confronting six minutes of excessive drinking that ends in vomiting by one teenager and sexual assault by another. The filming is slick and professional, the acting convincing and the message very clear.

We wanted to make a film about the consequences of binge drinking, said Hope Skehan, and that its not healthy.

The group of students wrote, directed and acted in the film, with professional advice from ex-student Katherine Westbrook, now a Brisbane based filmmaker.

The budget was minimal but the response to One Night Limits has been very positive. The students are now developing a kit to promote the film as an educational tool in other schools.

It feels really good to have actively done something that is constructive and will maybe make a difference, said Elise.

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