Lismore: youre the greatest

Lismore: youre the greatest

Once again the people and businesses of the Lismore community have come to the fore in supporting this years Worlds Greatest Shave, which was held at its place of origin, the Lismore Shopping Square, on May 6. The Lismore region this year raised $64,000 for this great cause. As a family we appreciate so much the ongoing support that has been given to us as we locally co-ordinate this annual fundraising event for the Leukaemia Foundation. Since its inception here in Lismore in 1998 this great event has raised in excess of $54m for research and patient support.

Every day in Australia there are 20 new patients diagnosed and blood and bone marrow cancers can develop in anyone, of any age, at any time. The impact of a diagnosis is immense and patients typically require immediate and intensive treatment, often within 24 hours of diagnosis. In the main, this treatment is not available in Lismore and this is a key difference between the nature of acute leukaemias and solid cancers.

In reality, it means leaving work, school, family commitments, friends and severely disrupting ones life. Patients in this region have to relocate virtually overnight for extended periods of time. Combined with costly medical bills and loss of income, many families find themselves in financially crippling circumstances whilst coping with the shock and emotional turmoil associated with the diagnosis. This is magnified if the patient is the major breadwinner or if the breadwinner must take on the role of carer following the diagnosis of a loved one.

Its during these times that the Leukaemia Foundation steps in to support the patient and their family so that they can concentrate on what is most important getting well. We cannot speak highly enough of the support that is provided to patients and their families and if our ongoing involvement in this work will help just one person that is following the road that we had to walk eight years ago, then it is all worth the effort.

Once again, thanks to everyone for your wonderful support and congratulations to all who took part. The funds come back into the region to assist with the employment of a full-time Support Services Coordinator and to provide a Courtesy Transport Program for patients and their families.

Our grateful thanks,

Cathy Mooney and Loma Graydon

Leaukaemia Foundation fundraisers

Baiting baloney

Here we go again! No money for hospitals, no money for the Pacific Highway upgrade, but plenty of money for the threat abatement plan for the extinguishment of poor old Mr Vulpes Vulpes.

Yes, the European red fox isonce again the target of a 1080 poison baiting campaign to protect the pied oystercatcher birds on the southern beaches. From July 17 to December 15 the whole area south of the Richmond River is going to be plastered with 1080 poison bait stations again, and the location of these will never be known to any of us unless we follow the bait contractor on his rounds.

Hush! The bait station locations area bigsecret, so watch out for your dogs as the Department of Environment people have no respect for domestic pets when it comes to threat abatement plan enforcement. The other big secret is the amount of public money being expended. The figures are copywrite!

The government agencies also have no respect for public ownership of our pristine beaches. Its a sad and sorry state of affairs that beach access points are being forcibly closed under the guise of the Pied Oystercatcher Threat Abatement Management Strategy. So what is happening to the school kids who come from far and wide to join the Ballina High Marine Discovery Centres learning program? Sorry, folks, that looks like folding too all in the name of protecting the pied oystercatcher birds on our southern beaches.

Whata completeand utter sham, and this is your taxpayers money which is being used to take away what you value most, not to mention the devastating effect the 1080 Poison Baits Laid Here notices must have on tourism in an area which is struggling for its very survival.

Margaret Howes

Lennox Head

Thankful for fluoride

I am living proof of the benefits of fluoridated water. I grew up in an area that had fluoridated water and despite the belief of some that fluoride can cause terribly mottled teeth, at 34 I have perfect teeth with no cavities. I have no doubt that this is a direct result of my younger years spent drinking fluoridated water.

Australians have now been drinking fluoridated water for many years. Despite the many and varied views of those opposed to fluoridating the water supply, there has been no convincing evidence to suggest that adding fluoride to drinking water does anything but to benefit the oral health of the recipients. A study by the British Medical Association has shown that fluoride in water, at or around one part per million, does not have any effect on the health of the body other than reducing decay in teeth. Why then do those opposed to fluoride continually come back with the argument that fluoride is poisonous and causes disease? If you research the facts you will find that fluoride is a safe and effective way of reducing dental decay.

I have three children and despite being very diligent about teeth cleaning and diet my two older children have terrible teeth with many fillings. I feel sad about this and wish that I had appreciated the benefits of drinking fluoridated water much earlier as it is now too late for fluoride tablets to be of any assistance to them.

For all those opposed to adding fluoride to our water on the basis of freedom of choice, I urge you to think about this direct quote from We should ask not are we entitled to impose fluoridation on unwilling people but are the unwilling people entitled to impose the risks, damage and costs of failure to fluoridate on the community at large. When we compare the freedoms at stake, the most crucial is surely the one which involves liberation from pain and disease.

Please consider the dental health of future generations and help minimise the pain and suffering imposed on the less fortunate members of the population who are unable to afford proper dental care.

Kristie Allen


Study this

How many dental practices went into receivership in Australias capital cities due to the financial hardship caused by the loss of patronage after the introduction of fluoride? Life is the best study.

Marcus Davis

North Lismore

The natural choice

A new level of whitewash has crept into the fluoride debate: we might call it fluoride-wash. Last week Dr White said that adding fluoride to the public water supply would only be adjusting naturally occurring levels of fluoride. Actually you cant adjust natural levels, they are either natural or tampered with. Cyanide occurs naturally in almonds, but would we want to add extra cyanide? Furthermore, a substance may be good at reducing the incidence of tooth decay, but have other negative consequences nonetheless. Triclosan reduces plaque effectively, but signs at hand-wash basins at Lismore Base Hospital warn against frequent use of Triclosan laced products. The ecological adage you can never do just one thing still stands unopposed. Then the Northern Oral Network argues that fluoridated water gives more continuous protection than do fluoride tablets. It is only logical to assume that it also gives more continuous exposure to any unwanted toxic effects. The bottom line is that citizens have every right not to take fluoride. And what about the other unwilling recipients of this gift, not of nature, once it goes out of our homes back into the wider environment? At the very least a referendum is essential.

Dara Tatray


Life with fluoride

If the experts believe the best study is human life then how about this one.

Growing up in the country, my mum was encouraged to give all us kids fluoride tablets. I then spent most of my childhood through to young adult years in Sydney and the water was fluoridated. The other month I had all my old amalgam fillings replaced all 22 of them. And when did I stop getting cavities? 10 years ago when the first half decent dentist taught me how to clean my teeth properly. What caused them all in the first place? The sweet tooth I still dont quite seem to be able to shake. Maybe we could ban Henrys Bakery from making such gorgeous yummy things?

To those with kids costing you a fortune at the dentist, this is the far cheaper solution to your dilemma.

1. Get them an electric toothbrush. 2. Before bed watch them brush with it for two minutes, up and down, inside and out and the gums and tongue. 3. Floss between all teeth. 4. Brush again. 5. Once or twice a week watch them massage theirgums with clean hands. Presto! Properly cleaned healthy teeth andmuch cheaper than any ineffective alternative.

It just makes no logical sense at all to add fluorideto our entire water supply for a benefitin the miniscule amounts that actually get drunk by kids.

Fluoride is also a sedative and more toxic than lead.

No fluoride in my water thanks.

R Nivison

North Lismore

Quack medicine

Given the wealth of scientific knowledge available to them, I seriously question the integrity of pro-fluoride advocates such as Public Health, MDs, dentists and academics whose voices simply add to the confusion of those not privy to this information.

To begin with, world-wide research, including 260 pages of a US Senate report [1964] concluded that fluoride is a health hazard at the lowest level of just 1pp billion. It is an accumulative poison!

Shouldnt that be the end of the matter?

On the other hand it is not necessary to be a qualified scientist to understand The Law of Halogen Displacement, whereby fluorine with its low relative atomic weight (r.a.w) of 19, has the ability to quickly and irreversibly destroy its close cousin iodine which has a higher r.a.w of 127.

If we are to believe that iodine is essential to the human body, being a prime anti-oxidant to protect the central nervous system then not only does fluoride negate the bodys iodine level, it directly attacks that area of the brain (cerebrum), wholly reducing iodine produced by the thyroid gland to destroy the bodys natural defence system.

Wouldnt this be basic medicine? If so, only a quack would favour fluoridation.

GJ Mackney


Unconditional love

Discrimination is something I have learnt to accept and embrace. Hate is discrimination. To discriminate is to show hate. To deny this, then you are fooling yourself. It is a fact I was born gay. I was not interfered with or sexually abused. I come form a middle class Jewish Catholic military family. My seven brothers are straight (heterosexual), my two sisters are also straight (heterosexual), and I am homosexual. My mother and father were not overbearing nor did they smother me or abuse me. They were not absent from my life. A priest at a Catholic school did not abuse me nor did any uncle, aunt, grandparent, cousin, family friend or even a stranger.

There have however been many people who have abused me as an openly gay man the police, the religious, the politicians, the media.

I am tired of all the ranting nutters out there saying Im a freak, a deviant, a sinner, a poofter, a fag, a drug crazed sicko just having a fab time. Im tired of them telling me to go straight (heterosexual) or trying to make me change by shock, group, medication or humiliation therapy. Im happy, healthy and well adjusted. I am what normal is.

They, the abusers of my life, will not break me. They will not change me. They can say all the hate filled nonsense they like. The can spit on me, they can bash me, they can take away my rights, but they will never break me. They can imprison me, castrate me, murder me, but I will never break. There are only two things that are certain taxes and death.

I know that when Im dead I will have peace from their hate, peace from their discrimination, peace from their name calling, their injustice, their greed and their spite. I know when I die I will not go to hell or burn in some kind of eternal after life because I love, I go with love through love for love. I love you for hating me. Checkmate.

Robert McElhinney


The most important job in the world

A woman with a newborn baby gets a letter from Centrelink warning her shell have to go back to work when the child is seven. Are governments getting some sort of thrill out of this fear campaign?

Are we so mechanised in our idea of motherhood that we think its all over at the childs age of seven? Its good that women have the option to work but it should never be forced on them.

Once upon a time mothers spent their whole time at home; sewing, cooking, cleaning, mothering and nurturing their children. Its often a really good time to embark on hobbies or crafts that you can share with your children.

Where does this idea come from that mothers arent needed in the home? Single mothers seem to be given the hardest time of all. If youre a single mother you are doing the work and care of two parents.

In the same breath, people are threatening to take parents to task if their children are misbehaving. If mothers are dragged out of the home when a child reaches the age of seven, either to satisfy social security or to bolster husbands lowly wage, she cant be held to account over her parenting.

People arent aware of the real reasons why governments are so desperate to have mothers time tied up outside the home. If mothers are staying home cooking, cleaning, sewing and reading for their children it doesnt show up in the GNP on the countrys balance sheet. The economy looks a lot healthier than it really is if were paying each other to mind our children, clean our houses and put inferior food on each others tables.

Its what happens when you let the economy make the rules. We could have just included womens unpaid labour in the nations wealth.

We could also organise womens career structures and superannuation to fit in with womens biological life cycle rather than expecting them to keep pace with men. There are so many women around 40 whove left it till the last minute to have children and then need extravagant medical help.

Too bad that were institutionalising children from birth in a world where theyre born from ageing mothers using an extreme amount of technology. The economy and its desire for consumption is not only seeding the decay of human society but is seeding the decay of the human race.

Lynne Oldfield


On June 25, the Nimbin Community Preschool celebrated 24 years of providing quality early childhood education to local children.

As a much needed fundraiser, a charity auction was held at the Rainbow Caf in Nimbin. Local rock star Diana Anaid donated her time, powerful voice and beautiful energy to the event, and Peter Lanyon, principal at Barkers Vale School, was auctioneer with aplomb.

The support from the local business community was astounding with the following making generous donations: Emporium, Apothecary, Butcher, Charters Hardware, Hairdresser, Gondwana Nursery, Pizza and Trattoria, Perceptio, Nimbin Auto, Nimbin Motors, Candle Factory, Bowling Club, Nimbin Hotel, Pharmacy, Bringabong, Daizys, Hemping Around, Hemp Embassy, Retro Caf, Choices Bakery, Fun Fruits and the Newsagent. Out of the Lismore businesses who were approached, only Goanna Bakery and Kids Quest made a donation.

Thanks to everyone who was involved. The day was a huge success and confirmation of Nimbins capacity to support and celebrate a wonderful local service.

K Owen


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Have ScoMo's scare tactics gone to far?

Strength in diversity

Strength in diversity

Multicultural women's group offers support to newcomers to region

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'Together we have achieved a lot'

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