Clean green Splendour DOES have more tix

Wolfmother will play at Splendour In The Grass but this elegant reprisal of 70s electric rock (they even have guitar solos imagine that!) will be making sure they leave no rubbish behind. Because the environment rocks.

Um, it seems that when Splendour told us that there was definitely, absolutely, strictly no more tickets for sale, they didnt really mean it. Due to ticket refunds there are now some tickets that are available to the general public thats you this Friday, July 7.

There is only a limited quantity of tickets up for grabs, so get online at this Friday from 7.30am. There will be no further ticket releases and no tickets available at the venue. (Sure, sure)

Theres a limit of 10 per transaction and they cost $160.

The Eco Cops will be back at Splendour In The Grass when it hits Byron on July 22 and 23. As well as providing the best live music in this wide corporatised land, Splendour organisers are keen to minimise the environmental impacts of the festival as you would.

So its the return of the Eco Cops. They played an important role last year in advising patrons about waste and recycling bin systems and also handed out thousands of bin ya butt containers, which greatly reduced the number of butts released into the environment. Bloody butts.

When it comes to energy emissions Splendour In The Grass is taking more positive steps to reduce the concerts carbon cloud this year. The organisers are going to neutralise 10 per cent of the overall travel emissions of the festival-goers. And seeing as travel emissions are a major source of greenhouse gases this is a real and symbolic move in a warming world.

For more info about the festival visit

Reminder: If you miss out on the tickets this Friday, you still have time to enter The Echos Splendour comp (see the story elsewhere in The Scene).

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