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Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Directed by Justin Lin

Rated PG

This film created a media debate about glorifying street racing and its potential to encourage young drivers.

But we need not have worried. The producers of the film have thoughtfully put a warning in the credits saying that street racing is dangerous and you shouldnt do it. Safe.

The whole film, set in Tokyo, is in fact a warning about the dangers of driving recklessly. Cars get regularly smashed and spectacularly destroyed, but in a cool and fashionable way. A few injuries are sustained along the way, again, in a cool and fashionable way. Someone even gets to die, but in a cool and fashionable way, and its all done in the name of honour its hotted up 1987 Toyota Corollas at dawn.

I heard that this was the third Fast and Furious film. I wondered if it would be like watching Return of the King without seeing part I and II but as usual I was worrying for nothing. Not only didnt the stories connect, but there wasnt a story, and there was a whole new bunch of unknown actors, none from the originals, and it was set in Japan far from the home of street racing, USA. Hooray! I didnt need to know anything perfect for the state of my brain.

Im a sucker for a Boy gets car, loses car, gets car film and there is lots of eye and ear candy. The soundtrack pumps and helps the adrenalin kick in. The streets and characters of Tokyo make a bizarre and colourful backdrop and give it a Blade Runner feel. The love interest Neela (played by Nathalie Kelley) is an Australian actor who is gorgeous. Im sure well see more of her.

(and for the Thursday night Lismore coggers 10 stars, fully sick!)

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