Today the US Plains Indians celebrate the Sun Danc

Today the US Plains Indians celebrate the Sun Dance, while southern hemisphere weathers chill and grim. But with the Sun moved into Cancer, home is where the heart is and what better place this week to raise the annual memorial red to Echo daddy and Cancerian Nick Shand

ARIES: This weeks social interactions bring pleasurable closeness with friends, family and colleagues, but people have their guards up against anything that seems like blame or accusation. Aries is the sign that rules the head use it to text edit before you say anything this week you could regret.

TAURUS: If youre feeling protective about something thats hurt you, its worthwhile examining whether youre really being attacked and what youre actually defending. Forgiving and moving on helps heal the past and pays practical dividends in improved work performance and peace of mind.

GEMINI: Venus moving into Gemini brings a strong interpersonal and relationship emphasis to this week. Emotions are quite fragile and easily bruised so treat complaints less as whingeing and more as the cry for consideration they are. And respect peoples boundaries.

CANCER: This weeks inspirational birthday Cancerian is Helen Keller, whose urge to communicate was so strong it overcame being born deaf, dumb and blind.If she can do it so can you if youre smart, before next weeks Mercury retrograde starts messing with the airwaves.

LEO: Mercury joining Mars in Leo activates your creative juices like nobodys business, and this week sees you coming up with the funds, goods, products or persuasive presentations to meet expenses we wont even mention extensive spending. Share your good fortune round at home.

VIRGO: When inevitable changes send your carefully prepared plans out of whack, be spontaneous and accommodating improvise and adapt rather than sticking rigidly to the original script. Do things differently a dash of sass could take you a long way this week.

LIBRA: The brain says this, the heart wants that. This looks good, that feels right. Those wavering scales might be flipping every which way, but it makes sense to get whatever you can finalised before next weeks Mercury retrograde throws an extra wiggle into the communal works.

SCORPIO: Scorpios can easily spot social wrongs, but are often less interested in analysing their own shortcomings. Your feelings towards those youre most closely involved with warrant consideration this week. Expressing appreciation rather than censure could make the breakthrough you want.

SAGITTARIUS: Stick with what you know works this week, which isnt auspicious for taking risks. For the moment stable, supportive options are less stressful and more rewarding than adrenalin-pumping ones. Share your feelings as well as your ideas let others know how much you value them.

CAPRICORN: Personal interactions feature on this weeks agenda: social, emotional and domestic affairs, one-on-one relationships with loved ones, colleagues, friends and neighbours. The more attention and appreciation youre able to give, the more youll find you get back.

AQUARIUS: Family and funds are the specials on this weeks menu. Acceptance by your peers is very important to Aquarian self confidence and creativity, so let those who support you know how much they mean to you this week. And choose your words carefully.

PISCES: Pisces have a chameleon-like ability to absorb other peoples moods which sometimes gets confusing. Operate your boundaries like adjustable shutters this week, dont take on other peoples troubles as your own, and do your utmost to communicate clearly.

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