This weeks winter solstice, the years shortest day

This weeks winter solstice, the years shortest day and longest night, is traditionally a time of reckoning: for thinking about breaking old habits and making new resolutions. And isnt the weather supporting your doing just that...?

ARIES: Heres something to consider during winter solstice: Your feelings dont rule you, its the other way round youre the one in charge, activating your emotions by repeating thoughts and actions. How about expressing your feelings without blame, righteousness or being carried away by them?

TAURUS: Taurans are particularly attuned to and affected by seasonal cycles and winter solstice is the years turning point when youre more easily able to accept the important changes presently happening as both natural and necessary. And drop old grudges and past resentments like falling leaves

GEMINI: This weeks inspirational birthday person is Nobel prize winning Burmese human rights activist Aung San Suu Kyi, a Gemini particularly skilled at fruitful waiting. Winter solstice, the time for your annual stocktake, needs Outgoing Twin sitting down and listening to the wisdom of Inner Twin.

CANCER: As this weeks Sun joins Mercury in Cancer for your birthday month, you wont feel like getting rid of anything (never know when it might come in handy/back into fashion). But winter solstice is the time of year to at least think about giving up something thats holding you back.

LEO: Winter solstice is for deep thoughts like maybe that certain volatile topics and controversial issues need careful handling. Because right now with people thin skinned and seriously easy to offend, throwaway remarks taken the wrong way can work against you without you even knowing it.

VIRGO: If youre not getting what you want, its because the timings not right. Dont play the blame game, or think its only happening to you everyones in the same process. Everything mightnt be going your way, but winter solstice is the time to think about all the things that are.

LIBRA: To a background soundtrack of Aretha singing Re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re, the years half way point is the time for regrouping, rehashing, reconsidering, reassessing, reframing, rethinking, revising, refining and re-establishing where youre going this year and how youll do it.

SCORPIO: This weeks winter solstice stimulates your already awesome psychic abilities, so use the years annual cycle of introspection to do an internal search for what its time to let go of. And what would be most appropriate to take its place.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians perform well under stress, but always driving yourself hard and fast isnt healthy. Winter solstice is for rejigging the rest of your year and since you like taking liberties, how about taking the liberty of going around obstacles instead of confronting them head on?

CAPRICORN: Although winter solstice is traditionally for introspective assessment, that doesnt mean playing lone ranger. Others are willing to help you. Of course they wont do things the way a Capricorn would, but do you really want to live life doing everything in solitary confinement?

AQUARIUS: Its the years pivotal midpoint and time to review your performance so far. Are you on track? Is your heart open, even to those you dont approve of? What part of you is crying out for change? Decisions made now tend to have far reaching, long term consequences.

PISCES: Winter solstice is the time for asking the hard questions like how to erect an invisible protective force field that allows supportive influences through but keeps harmful ones out. How to get rich using your intuition. And are you making the contribution you came here to make at this time

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