StarGazingwith Lillith

Have you heard, its in the stars: next July we collide with Mars. Well, did you evah! What a swell party this is! Just kidding. Like Gemini Broadway composer Cole Porter wrote (and it could have been about this week) anything goes

ARIES: Valuing freedom and movement above everything, ambitious Aries go for it full on, one hundred per cent. Your fear of being held back or restrained could seem like pushiness to others this week dont let that impatience to get results create conflict.

TAURUS: Its in all of your best interests to investigate different approaches right now. Start by varying your normal routine, then this is the radical bit experiment with doing the absolute opposite of what you usually do. Finally, try for a happy medium

GEMINI: Instead of letting plodders drive you nuts this week, let them be your teachers because youre getting ahead of yourself. Its time to slow down a bit, think things through and return the attentions of those who care about you.

CANCER: This weeks birthday metaphors are wrap artist Christo and St Antony of Padua, whose specialty is locating lost items. Something you thought was gone returns this week with the option to either try again or else finally wrap it up once and for all.

LEO: With Mars increasing your already awesome drive and impatience, youve been burning the royal candle at both ends and the middle. Majestic tempers could flare this week unless firmly kept in check so whatever chills your stress levels, do lots of it. Even if that happens to be nothing.

VIRGO: The older we get, the more were disappointed by the things we didnt do, rather than what we did. Get over your tendency to put other people on pedestals you dont need another hero. Nothings impossible this week and being your own legends so much more rewarding.

LIBRA: If trying to reconcile drive with inertia, determination with indecision and selfishness with generosity has you tippy toeing along that narrow median strip between decisive action and judicious restraint this week, imagine youre on a Cirque du Soleil highwire. Make it a dance. Good luck.

SCORPIO: Theres some powerful persuaders out and about right now. Youre one of the best yourself, and not easily conned but it still wouldnt hurt to give honesty more credence than flattery this week, even if it stings a little. Especially if it stings

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians have a curious and erroneous notion that motion distances them from difficulties. Achieve the same effect more reliably with less expense and energy expenditure this week simply by being discriminating. Cancel non-essential appointments. Do less, enjoy more.

CAPRICORN: Keep your cash flow active this week, and dont be too suspicious of new offers youre way smart enough to know when others are trying to take advantage. An exciting second chance at some unrealised dream is being handed to you on a platter.

AQUARIUS: Expect nothing, but ask for everything. Why not, what have you got to lose? This week relishes new ideas and values your originality, joie de vivre and generous encouragement of others. It also brings insights into whats not working and never has and how it could.

PISCES: This weeks cool cookies wont be moved by appeals to their feelings, seduced by smooth talk or pressured into agreement. Youll need to be tough, articulate and determined, with a nice sense of style. Resist the lure of instant returns hold out for what you really want.

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