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Theoretically this is one of the years most fun weeks: hilarious, flirtatious, outrageous, playful, stimulating and inspiring. People arent in the mood to workshop things, but an entertaining approach will get you almost anywhere

ARIES: You could startle and delight people with your original thinking this week or spin them out by being extreme and uncompromising. But why create difficulties where they dont exist? Be clever instead, as in stretching others without actually snapping their elastic.

TAURUS: Minds that multiply the smallest matter could drive you crackers this week, so dont let backbiting gossip or unsubstantiated hearsay give you a headache. With Venus moving into Taurus, your workplace will benefit immeasurably by bringing more love and beauty into it.

GEMINI: Geminis arent only marathon mouth movers, you also get stuff done and this week less talk, more actions your best strategy. Its important not to let that agile mind overpower your instincts or undermine your intuition that said, this weeks positively brimming with bright ideas.

CANCER: Youll be extra receptive this week, quite psychic in fact, and strongly influenced by appeals to your feelings. While it might be difficult to settle down and study something, youll still be able to absorb the information you need by watching and listening.

LEO: With the Sun in the sign of Having A Big Chat About This And That, you Royals are competing with Geminis for centre stage this week. And while mighty Mars in Leo makes you an even more powerful persuader than usual, it also brings challenges keeping the regal temper in check.

VIRGO: This juicy Gemini weeks made for cruising, schmoozing and using your intuitive understanding of systems to get lifes hectic, unruly edges into a smoother groove. Best not offer advice unless requested though people wont thank you for giving them what they dont believe they need.

LIBRA: A friend or dependant could be quite high maintenance this week, but struggling with that isnt the Libran way. Use your executive ability and artistic ingenuity to make it the most fun you can Geminian aspects will give you some new and valuable clues about how to do that.

SCORPIO: Are you by any chance trying to tone down your natural intensity to fit the present flippant social style? Wont work. Nice try Scorps, but no cigar. Youre best off just being your gutsy self a deep mystery pool in a world of surface feeders.

SAGITTARIUS: Another racy, pacy week of energetic networking and exhausting social intercourse for the planets popular, gregarious Sagittarians. Fortune favours the bold right now, so dont let any alluring new opportunities or exciting possibilities slip through your fingers.

CAPRICORN: Your stars suggest easing up a little this week, Capricorns. Why get uptight anyway why not relax and let things take care of themselves? In the immortal words of Dr Seuss: If you havent tried it perhaps you should do because its fun, and funs good for you.

AQUARIUS: Some people adore Aquarian eccentricity, others think youre a fruitloop. You have undeniably brilliant ideas, but try to keep them user friendly and within the bounds of reason and communicate them this week in simple, uncomplicated language.

PISCES: This weeks smitten with a burning urge to express itself: ceaseless lip-flapping making it difficult to concentrate. If the buzz becomes too much, tune into what it is theyre really taking so long to say and keep them up to date too with whats happening in PiscesWorld.

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