7 free ways to feel fabulous

STARRY NIGHT: Looking up at the stars makes us aware of the beauty of nature and is a wonderful way to relax.
STARRY NIGHT: Looking up at the stars makes us aware of the beauty of nature and is a wonderful way to relax. Contributed

YOU deserve to feel fabulous.

We all deserve to feel great no matter how rich or poor we are.

No matter how frazzled with work, family, friends and other commitment, you have to take out for yourself, otherwise you'll burnout.

So here's seven free ways to make yourself feel better at no danger to your wallet;

1. Dry your cotton sheets on the clothesline and enjoy the fresh-air-and-sunshine fragrance at bedtime.


2. Get out a rug and lie on the back lawn one clear evening and look up at the stars - amazing!


3. Give yourself a delicious nose-bath by inhaling the fragrance of flowers as you walk around the garden - yours or when passing a neighbours'. Or delve into your pantry and enjoy a sniff of star anise or coffee beans.


4. Put out some chopped fruit in your garden and watch the birds who swoop in to feed - there's something fascinating about watching our feathered friends.


4. Soak your feet in warm - but not hot - water with a few drops of essential oil such as geranium or peppermint, and feel your whole body relax.


5. Go to the library and borrow five books you have always wanted to read and somehow wrangle 30 minutes into your day, (even if you have to lock your family out of the car and put on headphones) to do so.


6. Go for a walk and breathe deeply. No, much deeper than that. Really deep. Fill up your lungs and empty them. Again. All that oxygen flowing into your blood will make you feel fabulous.

7. Turn off your social media and listen to a much-loved piece of music you have not heard in ages. Crank it up. Repeat.

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