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Is it fighting? Is it dancing? Is it sex? No, its contact improvisation of course.

NORPA Dance Action presents the Australian Contact Improvisation Convergence (ACIC) at Durrumbul Hall next Thursday-Monday, June 8-12.

What, you ask, is contact improvisation (CI)? If you could combine dancing, wrestling, gymnastics and swing dancing youd be getting close. It can be a process for creating new choreography.

Dancers are just as likely to be on the floor as standing and sometimes theyre on someone elses shoulders. The dancing is unpredictable and inspired by the physical and energetic contact the partners share.

Facilitators David Corbet and Jacob Lehrer, from the CI performance group State of Flux, will be joined by other teachers to run five days of workshops, discussions, jams, live music and performance. Participants should have some previous experience in contact improvisation dance.

Therell be the CI Laboratory on Thursday and Friday for advancing skills and exploring new ones, followed by the Convergence Weekend with workshops, jams and discussions until Monday.

From 7.30pm on Sunday, June 11, theres a special performance at the hall open to the public. Entry is $10/8.

Cost for the whole weekend is $385/350; the Convergence Weekend is $290/265; and a single day (Friday 5pm to Saturday night) is $115/100.

Vegetarian lunches and dinners are included in the cost.

For more info or to book phone Paula or Emma on 6622 3279 or email

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