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Societies are gullible. We accepted the Iraqi people being blasted to bits for no reason. (How far has the Aussie fair go spirit fallen, eh?) We accept the jailing of children because theyre from somewhere else. We accept that continued destruction of the environment is good for the country. We accept that greenhouse gas emission restrictions shouldnt apply to us. (Then we accept that nuclear power is a viable option in a globally warmed world.) We accept a government that lies as matter of course.

We are gullible. We probably buy electric foot warmers.

Now we (more specifically, the people of Ballina) are close to accepting enforced medication of its people.

Yep. Compulsory medication of a whole population with a toxic substance. Fluoridation. Somebody is laughing all the way to the bank.

You dont have to be an Einstein to see that fluoridation of the water supply is a scam. If you want to put more fluorides into your body than you already get from beverages (especially tea), food, air, toothpaste, household cleaning agents, cosmetics, skin care products, natural mineral supplements, mechanically deboned meats and mouth rinses, you can always smoke a cigarette (fluoride is one of the heavy toxins in ciggies) or buy fluoride tablets.

There has never been any reliable evidence to show that fluoridation of water supplies does anything but harm.

Fluoride causes dental fluorosis (which is a mottling of teeth). Also skeletal damage (osteofluorosis) and severe crippling (skeletal fluorosis). These diseases can be easily confused with rheumatoid and osteo arthritis.

Ballina has an aged population so youd hardly notice I guess.

Oh, and fluoridation can cause infertility, Downs Syndrome and has been shown to increase the incidence of hip fractures.

Why then this big push to mandatorily medicate Ballina with a bone destroying toxin that has been used as an active ingredient in rat poison and insecticides?

I dont know Some weirdo doesnt like Ballina.

If Ballina accepts the principle of enforced medication of its people then why stop at fluoride?

Why not whack antibiotics in the water? Then everyone can have perfect health to go with their perfect teeth. Wouldnt the Ballina oldies love that.

Why not slip some Viagra into the supply as well? Perfect teeth, perfect heath and a 12-hour erection that would have the women buying capsicum spray. But wait, why buy it?

Stick capsicum spray in the water supply.

And how about a little something for the kiddies? Valium to keep them quiet maybe? Or ecstasy to keep them happy? Hmm. Hell, why not both?

In fact, Ballina tap water could end up with so many chemicals in it they could call it the Richmond River.

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