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June is the official beginning of winter. For those amongst us that dont enjoy the cold, just remember that spring isnt that far away. However, these sunny winter days are absolutely ideal for gardening so there are plenty of jobs to be done now.

Give the garden tools and mower their winter service. Oil and sharpen tools and put a new set of blades on the mower ready for spring.

Plant green manure crops in those vacant beds and turn them in ready for spring sowing.

Plant spring flowering seedlings such as alyssum, dianthus, French marigold, calendula, chrysanthemum, primula, pansy viola and salvia. Also plant vegies such as lettuce, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Prune sasanqua camellias after flowering has finished.

This is the ideal time, if youre frost free, to prune summer flowering shrubs and trees while they are dormant. If you live in a frosty area, delay pruning until spring.

June is also a good time to plant roses. If you wish to avoid the certainty of continually having to spray hybrid tea roses, why not give some of the old roses a go as theyre very hardy and have a natural resistance to pests and diseases. They will be a little harder to find, but well worth the search.

This is the best time of the year to relocate shrubs and trees. Get as much of the root ball as you can. Be sure to prepare the new hole before digging the plant out. Water in with a seaweed tonic and keep the plant moist until it settles in.

Finally: According to recent findings in a major Australian health study, gardening not only reduces stress, it keeps the mind sharp too. ABC Gardening Australia magazine.

Happy gardening

Ron Burns

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