New recycling system starts soon!

Lismore new $2.45 million recycling system will be introduced on July 3, but bins will start being delivered to urban households as early as this weekend.

The slogan Red, Yellow, Green lets keep it clean! relates to the three different coloured bins people will soon use for kerbside collection a system which is designed to increase recycling threefold to 6000 tonnes a year.

Lismore City Councils waste minimisation officer, Lesley Trott, said Council needs residents to be aware of how the new system works and help prepare for the July changeover.

Put bins out as usual in the weeks beginning June 5 and 12, she said. Even if they dont need emptying, leave them out all day to be fitted for the new system. Recycling bins will be delivered separately during the first two weeks of June.

Ms Trott said the current general waste bins will be fitted with a lime-green lid and stickers explaining how to use it as the new organics bin.

Were also going to put red stickers on the lid of the old organics bin, making it the new waste bin, she said. A brochure explaining all about the new three-bin system will be delivered to residents.

The important thing to note is that from July, in the week that was your one-bin week, youll now also put out your new recycling bin for collection.

For most residents, wheeling out the right bin on the right week will be much easier than carting recyclables to the drop-off centres around town, which will close on July 30. One will remain open at the Wyrallah Road Waste Facility and another will be opened in North Lismore so rural residents can still drop off their recycling.

For more information, contact Councils customer contact centre on 6625 0559.

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