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This weeks Gemini birthday pinup is Rita of Cascia (1377-1447), patron saint of desperate causes and unhappy marriages. If neither of these apply to you, then notch up some karmic flybys by helping someone else in dire straits...

ARIES: This week highlights the inconsistencies and contradictions of human nature which in your case is that while your own opinions pull no punches, you get upset if others offer you the same kind of feedback. But if you insist on dishing it, better be prepared to wear it.

TAURUS: This weeks people are so into concepts and ideas that if something needs doing you might be best off doing it yourself. But you wont even feel cranky about it, because theyll be so amusing and entertaining theyll charm your pants off. And Taurans like that.

GEMINI: This weeks birthday Gemini is Arthur Conan Doyle, who created Sherlock Holmes, and with the Sun and Mercury both in the sign of your slippery selves, this week has your name written all over it. In sparkly neon graffiti. Simple as that. Elementary, my dear Gemini.

CANCER: This weeks information explosion brings abrupt changes of mind, so dont count on people being reliable and you wont be disappointed theyll make up for it by being more fun than a barrel of monkeys and absolutely loving your wicked wit and lateral thinking.

LEO: This is a wonderful week to shrug off that persona youve outgrown and let a newer, truer you take the stage. And will the stars help upgrade your luck and finances to match? Yes, if you stop reinventing the wheel and develop your talents by building on what youve already achieved.

VIRGO: Virgos like voicing their views, though they often resent encroachments on their own time. But communications not a one-way street dialogue means two people speaking. Others hear you out. This week youll be expected to repay the favour.

LIBRA: In ancient Rome the sacred rose festival Rosalia honoring Venus your ruling planet was celebrated this week, which is a particularly fortunate and auspicious one for you Venusians biffing up your spirits, stimulating your party glands and putting you in quite the glamour-chops mood

SCORPIO: According to current T-shirt philosophy, Freedom Of Speech Is Not Terrorism, and while Scorpios are usually suspicious of surprises youre about to surprise yourself this week in the nicest possible way by articulating feelings you usually have difficulty putting into words.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians are catalysts who often facilitate major changes in other peoples lives something you could do this week by bringing a simmering situation into the open. Depending on how tactfully you handle it, youll be thanked or else verbally spanked.

CAPRICORN: Youre multi-tasking away in this weeks social sizzle, doing the busy thing, while in Europe theyre celebrating the feast of St Sarah of the Gypsies. Back here in the land of Oz you might feel like taking off and going walkabout time off youve certainly earned, so why not?

AQUARIUS: You love new directions and this week offers lots. But youll need quiet space away from the rat race a peaceful park bench of the mind to think about how youre going to make best use of your personal raw materials in the most effective way.

PISCES: Been craving inspiration? Plenty around right now. Motivation? This weeks full of it. Appreciation? Perhaps not the deep and meaningful kind, but enough to keep you going. Its easy to dissipate this energy in a dozen interesting directions, but youre better off doing one thing really well.

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