Time to pay the ferry, man

Time to pay the ferry, man

Well, Cr Johnson has really stirred the pot over the Burns Point ferry! Nothing like upsetting the whole community, is there?

Lets takean objective look at things: Where wouldthe residents and Councilhave been without the ferry this past week? A lady went into premature labour and had to be speedily brought across the river to hospital, the heavy ocean swell washedpart of the south wall away and replacement rocks came over by trucks on the ferry to stop the washout, and finally a house caught on fire in Keith Hall and the fire brigade, ambulance and police had to be rushed over toservice the emergency.

No mention by Cr Johnson of the great expense incurred when Council built the Bruxner Highway and removed all those dreadful bends so he could drive to the Council Chambers more easily. No mention by Cr Johnson of the millions of dollars being spent on the Teven bridges to let motorists cross two creeks. No mention by Cr Johnson of the $900,000 being spent on the new arts and crafts hall. No mention by Cr Johnson of the Councils propping up of the airport while all the tourists flock to Byron Bay. No mention by Cr Johnson of the hundredsof thousands of dollars spent on Rous Road (near his old farm) which carries about the same volume of traffic as the ferry, or the $4 million spent on Prospect Bridge.

I could go on and on.But wait a minute! Isnt the ferry classified as a road?So why doesnt the Council use some of the Roads to Recovery money to prop up the ferry?

The ferry provides an invaluable service to ratepayers and tourists alike. It is even used as a platform to feed the Admirals fish.

Come on Cr Johnson, get real.

Cr Margaret Howes

Lennox Head

Extravagant praise

While the Nimbin School of Arts has managed the Autumn Art & Craft Exhibition for some years, for the first time the Nimbin Artists Gallery took on the task of producing the Autumn Arts Extravaganza. This huge show presented the works of over 100 local artists. The show also featured daily concerts of music, dance, theatre and performance poetry.

Over 10,000 people attended the show, and the response to the combination of exhibition, concerts and workshops was extremely popular, with many patrons making return visits and spending considerable time viewing the artworks and midday concerts.

Nimbin continues to attract relentless media reports about issues concerning street behaviour, police numbers and drug use (while major brawls have erupted most recently in Byron, Lennox, Casino and Alstonville). However the cultural and artistic treasures of the Nimbin valley were very much on display and in performance during the Arts Extravaganza, and they always provide a marked contrast to the darker forces that are evident in all communities.

It is a great credit to the Nimbin Artists Gallery for producing what was truly an Extravaganza, and setting such a high standard for the next BIG show in Nimbin.

David Hallett

Nimbin community economic development officer

The Kiss

The Kiss

Lionel's favourite photo

Travelling on a plane full of Michelin men

Travelling on a plane full of Michelin men

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Education in the gallery is vital

Education in the gallery is vital

Our educational offering has grown exponentially

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