Worlds Greatest Shave for a Cure 2006

Organiser of the Worlds Greatest Shave for a Cure, Cathy Mooney, says this years event was a huge success, with thousands raised throughout the region for the Leukaemia Foundation.

While the final figure is not yet known, Cathy says there were more people willing to shave and colour their hair this year and shes hoping the dollars reflect that.

People just walking by decided on the spot to help out and got up and shaved their heads, which was very inspiring, Cathy said. I heard of one hairdresser who shaved his head in solidarity with a friend with cancer who had lost all her hair, and stories like that give you goosebumps. Were lucky to live in a community that has such a generous heart.


8075: Brigitte Boll with her daughter Marina Sonntag-Boll shortly after Brigitte was attacked by a spray can.


8084: Price Attack hairdresser Serena Keep got a bright splash of colour on the day.

8087: Spring Grove twins Chelsea and Serena Mangan, both 9, after getting a purple and pink do.

8093: The Worlds Greatest Shave for a Cure MC at Lismore Shopping Square, Martin Gill from Lillian Rock, was happy to join the throng and lose his locks for charity.

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