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As Taurus the Bull puts its foot down and says Show! Dont tell, this weeks people become less interested in ideas and more in things that actually exist. What they can see or touch fluttering in front of them like a bullfighters cape gets their attention...

ARIES: You want action, not vague views or lukewarm enthusiasm this week, and might be inclined to express impatience in blunt, hurtful terms. But if considering peoples feelings is more important to you than getting what you want, youll gain more allies than you do opponents.

TAURUS: Dont take this weeks ups and downs too seriously. Let go of needing to be needed step back and observe the passing parade from a different perspective. Even then appearances are deceiving theres plenty of fascinating, encouraging stuff happening behind the scenes.

GEMINI: Geminis rely on building up the goodwill and trust of others. If this weeks same old same old vibes have you craving change and stimulation, do something new but not at the cost of jeopardising a long standing personal or business relationship.

CANCER: Mars in Cancer can be a burning, churning aspect for Crabs. But you should know by now the consequences of not expressing how you feel: nuclear seething, digestive upsets, knotted nerves, snappy reactions. This week its time to speak your mind but keep it kind.

LEO: No need to knock yourself out, go overboard or exaggerate this week to impress others youre already impressive. And though you might want to surge ahead with something while others are boringly cautious, they have a point as doing your homework will show.

VIRGO: We all have tried and tested methods we know work which can lead to the fatal mistake of becoming set in our ways. Predictability in habits, thought patterns and ways of behaving takes the spontaneity and freshness out of life. Stay available to outrageousness this week.

LIBRA: Nice Venus vibes for Librans right now. The only fly in this weeks soup could be prickly feelings caused by Mercury in Aries lack of tact annoying, but nothing you savvy diplomats cant work with. Theres enough delectable diversions and pleasurable little pit stops to make up for it.

SCORPIO: If others arent loving you the way you want well do they ever, for any of us? If youre not being loved the way you had in mind, accepting love whichever way it comes whatever shape or form it takes mightnt be a bad idea this week.

SAGITTARIUS: You might be in go-go mode, but this weeks universe is on go-slow as Sun in Taurus turns the cosmic wheel from fast and furious to slow and steady, from fiery and inspiring to sturdier, more worldly concerns. Your home page and heart department need quality attention

CAPRICORN: Dont go into overload mode this week. Relax the responsibility factor. Affection, warmth, caring and being cared for are far more important than perfectly done work. This is prime time for getting up close and personal, and letting yourself be pampered a little better still, a lot.

AQUARIUS: If this week puts you between a rock and a hard place and neither are particularly attractive propositions, dont lock into either/or thinking. Youre Aquarian, so get creative. Look for a third option or figure out a fourth by which time everything will have changed anyway.

PISCES: Being down to earth is necessary and sensible being obsessed with material possessions and concerns isnt either. Refuse to let this weeks driven material worlds weights and worries give you concrete boots keep your spirit strong and stay around friends on the same wavelength.

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'Together we have achieved a lot'

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