The Watchtower

The Watchtower

by Helen Hope

Deep in our Earths centre

Within the heart of Gaia

Lives the holy flower of light

This the soul of our Mother

Which marries with Heaven

And animates all life.

The Christ myth and countless others

Dance around this great truth

But mostly miss the point.

Gods daughter our planet is

In days of old, greatly honoured

But now almost dying through todays hubris.

Stamped on, poisened, blown up and mostly desecrated

By her graceless and greedy two legged children

Too stupid to understand, only hastening their own end.

Vile men in Washington and Canberra

All hell bent on one nefarious agenda

Their souls all wizened and dark

Like vampires leeching on lifes spark.

Hark listen the first cause doth stir

Looking down upon the dark age on her

Beware ye men of unjust war, lies and blasphemy

Most of the world is sick of your political sodomy

And youve forgotten theres a true Judgement Day

And it is now on its way.

Things here are different now

Things here are different now

'Watching coastal boom from traditional city like Lismore was hard'

'Politics In The Pub'

'Politics In The Pub'

crowd gathers at the Rous Hotel to hear about compassion in politics

Abortion made legal, safe, affordable

Abortion made legal, safe, affordable

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