Fair go for third world producers

Nicki Richardson from Caddies Bean Shop in Lismore, which has been selling Faitrade coffee for two years. The business is encouraging others to get involved in this unique concept during Faitrade Fortnight.

If youre concerned that people in third world countries are working in substandard conditions for pitiful wages, then buying coffee at Caddies Bean Shop could help their plight.

Caddies proprietor, Bill Sheaffe, has been selling Fairtrade coffee from East Timor and Colombia for the past two years, and during Fairtrade Fortnight (April 29-May 13) hes encouraging other businesses to join him.

Fairtrade, organised in Australia by Oxfam, aims to pay third world producers a living income for their work, help them develop their business in the global economy and provide a certification and labelling system to make sure Fairtrade standards are met.

While many third world coffee growers are paid so little they cant afford schooling and struggle to find enough to eat, Fairtrade growers get a minimum of $3.80 per kilo and producer cooperatives get another 15 cents a kilo for community economic and social development.

East Timors Caf Clinic Timor has been set up this way, and now provides basic health care for 16,000 people each month.

Bill Sheaffe says he chose to sell Fairtrade coffee because the quality was assured and it was an opportunity to help farmers in developing countries.

When you buy Fairtrade coffee it tastes great, costs around two cents more per cup and helps to make life a bit better for poor farmers and communities in the majority of the world, he said.

Fairtrade products include tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, sports shoes, soccer balls and indigenous arts and crafts. To be sure youre buying Fairtrade goods, look for the official logo.

Local businesses who want to join the Fairtrade campaign should visit www.oxfam.org.au or www.fta.org.au.

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