StarGazingwith Lillith

Mars in Cancer makes waves in the domestic sector and Mercury joins the Sun in volatile Aries the astral recipe for a feisty, flammable, molotov cocktail kind of week. Exciting, ignitable, sparky and best survived by not getting your wires fried.

ARIES: Youre at your most charismatic and entertaining this week but also demanding and argumentative, which breeds difficulties you dont need. If you want people to do what you want (and when dont you) youll have to be very smart. And very charming.

TAURUS: Taurans rather like big helpings of everything, but taking on too much right now will only get you overcommitted, overburdened and overworked the same goes for overindulging and overspending. This week less will definitely be more effective. Sorry...

GEMINI: With your ruling planet Mercury the Communicator rocketing into outspoken, sometimes tactless Aries, the way you say things this week is more important than what youre saying. Perhaps even consider Oscar Wildes advice that nothing can be a brilliant thing to say.

CANCER: This is the Week of the Power Surge when teaming up with powerful ideas, people or institutions could seem like a good idea. May the force be with you just make sure whatever force it is doesnt overshadow your own skills, talent and originality.

LEO: This week you have the Midas money-making touch but also the easy come, easy go urge to splurge what you make even before you collect it. Will astral advice from me make you even think twice before splashing your cash? Unlikely so go for it till next months bills arrive.

VIRGO: Disorder, indecisiveness and inefficiency meet their match this week. Youll insist on smooth running systems and start vigilantly getting rid of whatever doesnt fit your perfect picture. But your stars suggest the opposite: accepting more into your picture than you have been.

LIBRA: Not another week of ironing out misunderstandings and sweet talking cranky, antsy types wanting their own way or else? Fraid so. But youll do it so well the fraught and distraught who receive your Venusian soothing will be pleasantly and quite generously appreciative.

SCORPIO: This week definitely benefits from not being taken too seriously. Live and let live, laugh at yourself, be less judgmental, perhaps less possessive. Give something away youll probably be astonished at how much immediately floods back in.

SAGITTARIUS: Sun and Mercury in Aries is the time that Sagittarians sometimes start communicating like flame throwers. If youd prefer others up close and personal, its certainly worthwhile reminding yourself that the cooler you keep, the better your week.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns like being right and while this week could see you struggling to take on board different methods or ideas than your own, it definitely pays to be flexible regarding new business or relationship strategies. Youll want to be boss of course but so will everyone else.

AQUARIUS: As this weeks astral emphasis leaves the realm of fiery interactions for earthier concerns, many of last weeks unrealistic expectations begin to dissipate. Life settles into a steadier beat and the luck thats been chasing you lately finally manages to catch up.

PISCES: This whirlwind week requires a cautionary degree of chill factor. The energys quite wild even your receptive antennae mightnt sense which way its heading. Rather than assume what others want, ask them what theyd prefer. The answers likely to surprise you.

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