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The words of Aries Al Green, this weeks birthday preacher, describe the moisturising effect of Venus moving into Pisces on the present fiery astral vibes: Wanna make heartache and frustration disappear? Make time for loving conversation love is so close, its just a touch away

ARIES: Aries are quite loyal coots till it comes to a crunch between other people and your personal dreams. But this third decanate Aries week youre less obsessed with the needs of number one and more inclined to be a team player. Just as well, because you need outside help right now.

TAURUS: Ideas you consider far fetched or unworkable could irritate your more nuts and bolts, common sense convictions and, not unsurprisingly, lead to conflict this week which offers the quite strenuous exercise in flexibility of ensuring things work without getting others offside.

GEMINI: Geminis are born smart, but we all have blind spots. Beware being unaware this week fiscally irresponsible, verbally indiscreet or overlooking important details in your rush to do a hundred things at once. Balance mental exertion and social stimulation with emotional closeness.

CANCER: Cancerian Helen Kellers advice resonates with this week: Security is a superstition it does not exist in nature. Nor do children, as a whole, experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

LEO: This is a give it and youll get it kind of week. If someones having a rough time, lend them a hand. They wont be backward in showing their appreciation, and their ego strokes will put a much more positive spin on your own current concerns.

VIRGO: Someone with too many opinions that dont gel with yours could give you the pip this week, but why go there? Use it instead as a useful opportunity to look at the world through a different view finder. While you mightnt agree, youre likely to pick up something extremely useful.

LIBRA: Present astral influences favour the original, innovative and unconventional. According to this weeks birthday statesperson Thomas Jefferson: A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. And you may need to do your own thing right now whether others accept it or not.

SCORPIO: Acting independently will work this week, but it wont give you the appreciation and support youll get from being a team player or the objective feedback you need. If youve been doing more than youve been given credit for, rather than getting all bitter and twisted, try pointing this out.

SAGITTARIUS: This button-pushing weeks best approached with an open mind, whatever compassion you can manage and a willingness to suspend snap judgments. A smile will work wonders as well. Use your fine sense of humour to jolly up your antsy, impatient side.

CAPRICORN: This week could see you speaking out about something that touches you deeply. Which brings conflict as is inevitable with those who dont agree. Yes, youre sensitive about your image and the opinions of others and no, some people wont support you. But enough will.

AQUARIUS: Make the most of this week with a little compromising, a lot of socialising and a major amount of empathising... Energys shooting everywhere like fireworks right now, giving even ordinary situations a charismatic sizzle but still, stay cool and dont play with overheated people.

PISCES: This weeks citizens are definitely insensitive but they mean well and want to help, so let them. Sure, theyll try to run your life but slippery Fish know how to slither out of that trap. Mighty Aphrodite in impressionable Pisces needs constructive channelling so take care, be aware and have fun.

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