A message from management

Valued and esteemed client,

Meeting your needs and addressing your concerns is very important to us.

A client service liaison officer will be here shortly to interface.

Our policy is one of open dialogue, giving you all necessary information, resolving any issues which may arise in a manner easily understood by any reasonable person. Incorporating a synergy of worlds best practices, transparency and accountability; a nexus will be achieved via a pro-active process achieving greater levels of efficiency.

By restructuring, outsourcing, downsizing and rationalisation, productivity will be enhanced, thus maximising return to investors so that the bottom line, at the end of the day, we will be moving forward in a manner most agreeable to meeting market expectations.

Thank you for your patience,

The management.


Drop your pants and bend over.

How can we respect you in the morning when we hold you in absolute contempt now.

Youre stupid.

Shut up.

Steve Mills


Mob's got ScoMo all worked out

Mob's got ScoMo all worked out

Have ScoMo's scare tactics gone to far?

Strength in diversity

Strength in diversity

Multicultural women's group offers support to newcomers to region

'Together we have achieved a lot'

'Together we have achieved a lot'

Thank you to everyone