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David Page celebrates his life in NORPAs first show of the year.

David Page is many things. Hes a composer, having written music for Bangarra Dance Theatre, The Australian Ballet, the Sydney Olympics and the current Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Hes a singer with two top 10 hits. (He even appeared as a young fella on The Paul Hogan Show.)

Hes an indigenous man. His father was of the Nunukul People and his mother is from Bundjalung. While he defines himself first and foremost as an artist, his indigenous heritage and living culture are an integral part of his work.

He is currently touring with the show Page 8, which is his coming-of-age-story complete with 70s films, singing and storytelling. The Page 8 crew includes some of the leading names in Australian arts including Davids brother Stephen Page (Bangarras dynamic dancer-choreographer-director) and Louis Nowra (writer of works including Map of the Human Heart, Cosi and Radiance which starred Deb Mailman and local Bundjalung actress Rhoda Roberts).

I just wanted it to be a good show, said David. Stephen is my brother, and Louis is the friend of a friend. It was a good thing to just let it happen organically.

Davids show is about his journey as an artist, but its also about his family.

Page 8 is about celebrating family life, and thats a universal story, he said. Its a bit of a reminder of where we come from. Im looking forward to doing the show up there (Lismore). Its great when youve got your own mob in the audience.

Page 8 is on at Lismore City Hall on Thursday, April 6, at 8pm and on Friday, April 7, at 11.30am and 8pm.

Tickets are $36/30/16 and available on 6621 5600 or visit

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