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Respite service boosted

Respite services for carers in Kyogle and Nimbin will receive a financial boost of $177,579 over four years. The funding is part of the Australian Governments new Recognising Senior Australians: Increasing Rural and Regional Respite Services initiative.

The initiative will benefit the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) at Kyogle and Nimbin, with Kyogle MPS receiving $94,012 and Nimbin MPS receiving $83,566.

It is terrific that local carers are going to benefit from this funding. Their work is extremely difficult at times and invaluable to both the community and the people they care for.

An estimated 475,000 Australians are primary carers, helping older Australians and younger people with disabilities to live at home in their community. Respite services provide a much-needed break for these carers.

More childcare places

I would like to encourage local childcare services to apply for extra places that are now available.

There are currently an additional 14,650 Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) places available and I encourage anyone wanting to start a new OSHC service, or expand an existing service, to apply for places now.

This latest round of extra places shows the Coalition Government is continuing to act on its 2005-06 Budget commitment to provide 84,300 additional OSHC places over four years.

OSHC provides care for primary school children before and after school and during school holidays, and provides stimulating activities for children while also meeting the childcare needs of their families.

New or existing services should contact the Australian Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs on 1300 653 227 for further information. Applications close on April 7.

Helping young manage money

In an age where nearly everything is heavily marketed, its important that young people are taught how to avoid being swamped with debt.

These days, most young people seem to be using mobile phones and there can be significant peer-pressure to have the newest phone or the most unique ring-tone (which can be downloaded for a fee). Of course, mobile phones are just one way that young people can get into debt, and getting into debt can seriously impact on a young person when they try to get a loan for a car or house.

In 2005, the government launched the Financial Literacy Foundation to assist all Australians increase their financial knowledge and better manage their money. Since then, the Foundation has worked with the states and territories to develop national standards so all school children get an understanding of how to handle money.

The government will also embark on an awareness campaign later this year, designed to raise awareness of financial literacy issues among the wider community.

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