Today Sun in Aries dadahhh!

Today Sun in Aries dadahhh! lights up the first day of the astrological year. Plus its the autumn equinox. And the day ancient Romans held their annual Festival of Joy at least three good reasons to celebrate this wild and fiery week.

ARIES: Though Mercury retrogrades still chucking trouble dust in your path, who cares? Your birthday months started, changes are on their way and cheeky charm will get you through. Dont be too annoyed at whats not working to notice all the fabulous things that are happening.

TAURUS: In Japan people are now dropping dead from Overworkers Syndrome. And as in everything else, Australians are fast following the US to becoming another nation of overworkers and holidaying less. Under No Circumstances Add To These Statistics This Week!

GEMINI: This week generates a tremendous amount of nervous energy. If conflicting opinions and emotions start giving you a headache, stay calm and as stable as youre able to. Ask for support, keep the home zone a serene haven and try to finish one thing before starting the next.

CANCER: As the new astrological year gets into gear, this week favours forthright action over long winded discussion. Others will expect you to know what they mean without explaining themselves, making crossed wires almost inevitable because even Cancerian intuition has its limits.

LEO: Theres no nice way to say it. Historically, this was the week Benito Mussolini, a Leo, formed the Italian Fascist Party and Hitler became Nazi dictator of Germany. Its Big Bossyboots Time, when your inner control freak likes to get out of control. Better give it a pat and let it know whos boss.

VIRGO: You wont get your way easily this week, with others just as determined as your resolute self. Youll need to be on the ball. And very discreet. And shaking the worlds worries off your shoulders by helping where you can, delegating where you cant and suggesting workable alternatives.

LIBRA: People dont want complications this week, or dealing with people who make them. They want instant progress and quick results, but dont let them pressure you. Go at your own pace. Others might like fast, but hey you know what looks best.

SCORPIO: You wont be happy taking a back seat or dealing with too much red tape this week. If a particular things frustrating you, set it aside for something more likely to give instant results and a feeling of progress. On Saturday Mercury and everything else starts moving again.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians, like present astral energies, are straightforward, direct and upfront. This weeks birthday mime Marcel Marceau forestalled potential problems by not talking at all a radical strategy, but hey, if it stops you getting someone offside youd rather have onside, why not?

CAPRICORN: This is the time of year people start getting passionately argumentative and while you neednt agree, disagreeing could be more trouble than its worth right now. This weeks challenge will be tactfully leading discussions and negotiations back to a productive track.

AQUARIUS: While others might feel overwhelmed by suffering humanity and the tragic state of our planet, Aquarians will probably just go ahead and try to make the world a better place this week. Which youre in a unique position to do at least a part of it anyway.

PISCES: Others are easily enchanted by the way you find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magical in the everyday. As the astrological year begins youre now required to bring that creative freshness to life at ground zero a hard ask, but a necessary one.

Here's to the next 25 years of light and friendship

Here's to the next 25 years of light and friendship

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25th Lantern Parade is show of pride for city of Lismore

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