Richmond Valley Council briefs

Chicken DAs refused

Two development applications (DAs) for intensive poultry farms at Shannonbrook and Woodview were knocked back by Richmond Valley Council at its meeting on Tuesday (March 21).

The farms, intended to have six chicken sheds each, were 1.35km apart.

The spectre of Avian Flu and biosecurity measures featured in considerations about the farms.

In the end, reasons for refusal of the two DAs included the small distance between the two farms (NSW guidelines recommend a minimum of 2km between chicken farms), their close location to rural and residential land, and their failure to address the impact of any notifiable disease such as bird flu on the surrounding area.

Plans for sewerage at Broadwater

Richmond Valley Council will begin a community consultation process at Broadwater to plan for a future wastewater management scheme.

Council is unlikely to get any funding for the scheme in the near future, as it has been given a low priority by the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability.

However, at its meeting last Tuesday Council voted to commit to further sewerage-related works in Broadwater, inform the community of its options and consider the introduction of an annual sewerage charge in the town next financial year to help fund the project.

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