Sword swallowing is quite an art.
Sword swallowing is quite an art. How Stuff Works

$500 reward for wooden suitcase containing swords

ZACHARY Abercrombie is keen to carry on the family tradition of sword swallowing but he has a bit of a problem.

The Brisbane man has had to train himself using tyre levers and screw drivers as the swords that his grandfather and uncle used were sold 32 years ago to a pawn shop in Lismore.

"You learn sword swallowing with extreme caution and great difficulty," he said.

"The trick is to overcome the physical gag reflex and I've had lots and lots and lots of practice."

Mr Abercrombie has shared his search in the hope of being able to track down the swords that were sold to Paddy's Pawnshop back in 1985.

The items listed include a wooden suitcase containing three swords - a 1916 Lee Enfield rifle bayonet, a ceremonial Mason's sword and a chrome sheath with three sheet metal swords inside.

There is also a chrome and crushed black velvet stand to display the swords, along with some clothing which included a red and gold to blue and silver reversible coat, a silver vest, a blue vest and a black and silver shirt.

"I'm hoping someone bought them and has had them on display in their man cave or something, and now would be happy to sell them so they have some money for Christmas," Mr Abercrombie said.

"I am willing to pay $500 to get the swords back."

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the swords, you can contact Mr Abercrombie on 0478 142060.

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