Roo the night

That famous band of fish and musicians, Kangaroo Moon, will leave the ocean, dry behind the ears, and hop inland to play at The Channon this weekend.

Twenty years ago today, Kangaroo Moon taught us all to play...

Like the old song says, its 20 years since Kangaroo Moon formed in Bellingen. Since then the band has played all over Australia and has toured Europe every year.

They return to friends and fans on the Northern Rivers with a gig at The Channon Hall this Saturday, February 25, and another at Coorabell Hall next Friday, March 3.

Their music weaves together strands from world, rock, folk and dance stitched with both acoustic and electronic influences. It all comes together in a funky, melodic and danceable sound.

One UK newspaper described the sound as electro squelchy psychedelic funk meets ethno celto folk. Clear?

The line-up for these gigs is Mark Robson (keyboards, vocals, whistles and didge), Mat Ledgar (drums), Maurice Cernigoi (bass), and Steve Berry (guitar).

Doors open at 7.30pm; wild dancing soon after. Food available.

Entry for The Channon is $12 and for the richer coastal types at Coorabell, $15.

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