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Todays the birthday of German philosopher Schopenhauer, who considered the human race unutterably stupid. While evidence suggests he might be right, saying so wont be the go this week. With everyone extra sensitive, the stars are suggesting diplomatic inexactitude

ARIES: Aries always do their best, but when you start feeling thats not being appreciated the bottom lip goes pouty and you get resentful. Trust that youre loved this week and if acknowledgment and encouragement are what you need, ask and youll receive.

TAURUS: Whirlwind Aquarius blew certain things apart, now Piscean influences continue dismantling them and thats a good thing. Yeah right, youre thinking. Why, exactly? Because Taurans are builders and this process is rebuilding guess who on a sounder, more enduring level.

GEMINI: Mars has moved into Gemini and immediately started working on your behalf, bringing to a head a situation that, ready or not, is ripe for change. Pushing the ruddy trouble button you might think, but with the wisdom of hindsight youll soon see why it was necessary.

CANCER: The give and take in your relationship with work, a person or place has got out of whack. Either youve put in too much without getting a reasonable return, or expected more than the situation is able to give. This week that balance needs to be restored. Or at least re-examined.

LEO: Leos suck up support and encouragement like wettex but has your passion du jour been causing you to neglect certain other persons who are now voicing their displeasure? Or is it a neglected part of yourself that needs attention? Apply the Leo charm balm this week and make amends.

VIRGO: Being the most flexible of the earth signs youll enjoy this weeks novel sensations interpersonal nurturing, outrageous flirting and artistic improvisations. Thats if you can get your head around it being illogical, inconsistent and inexplicably slippery to get a grip on.

LIBRA: This weeks balancing act is between your strong feelings and someones determined ideas. Or their intense emotions and your lack of interest. Or any combination of the above. If present healing energies unearth a deep seated issue, youre strongly supported in dealing with it.

SCORPIO: Its not easy being objective about your own work. If criticism comes your way this week, rather than focus on the feeling attacked/planning payback response, try seeing your critics point of view even though you vehemently disagree theres still something to learn.

SAGITTARIUS: Your emotional responses are strong right now, but dont jump into something impulsively without considering the consequences. Step back. Think about it. Listen to what other people have to say, especially those youre instinctively opposed to.

CAPRICORN: Though theyre dazzlingly apparent to others, its hard to find our own blind spots. This week offers a glimpse of yours if youre interested and turns you into a human satellite dish receiving so much information youll need extra sleep for your subconscious to process it.

AQUARIUS: Youll be a super soft touch for anyone wanting practical help, emotional support or sympathetic assistance this week. And its likely to be someone close to you who needs the most love and understanding. Maybe its you? Whatever. Give whoever it is a jolly good nurturing.

PISCES: Todays birthday legend is George Washington, the US president who never told a lie not the only thing youll have difficulty believing this week. If specific informations bothering you, brainstorm with someone you trust and do personal research till youre satisfied.

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