Aglicare puts fear of God into pensioner

Mulgum Houses unofficial fourth resident, 73-year-old Wendy Kay, says two Anglicare North Coast representatives put the fear of God into her when they made an unannounced visit last Tuesday to discuss her live-in at the Nimbin retirement hostel.

Wendy says the representatives handed back the rent cheques she had been sending to Anglicare North Coast and said they wanted her to move to a housing commission flat in Lismore.

She claims one of the women said I hope you realise we have been very tolerant while the other took photographs in her room.

The visit left Wendy feeling upset and intimidated.

I belong to Nimbin, she said. If I went to Lismore Id be cut off from my friends because I cant drive any more. Everybody wants me to stay here, but now I feel like an illegal immigrant.

Wendy moved into the room she once officially occupied at Nimbins Mulgum House on January 15 after being refused accommodation in the retirement hostel by its operator, Anglicare North Coast. She needs a walking frame and electric scooter to get around and couldnt find any other accommodation in the village that was appropriate.

A spokesperson from the NSW Department of Community Housing, which owns the building, is now working with Anglicare North Coast to secure suitable accommodation for Wendy.

Despite her being there illegally, the department has requested Anglicare allow Mrs Kay to stay at Mulgum House in the interim, he said. There are currently no plans to sell or redevelop Mulgum House.

Despite repeated requests from The Echo, Anglicare North Coasts executive officer Wayne Johnson has refused to comment.

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