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Happy New Year again for the Eastern New Year of the Fire Dog traditionally a year slim on profits and strong on justice. And one which predicts the emergence of a more compassionate society. Lets hope.

ARIES: Apparently the Dogs inflexible sense of right and wrong can cause major confrontations sound like anyone you know? Being top dog gets majorly stressful and this year of Ping Hsu, the Sleepy Dog, suggests spending less time barking and growling, more lolling and relaxing

TAURUS: The Dog Year favours social issues over material benefits disturbing news for comfort loving Taurans. But who knows: being involved in community projects or helping others in need could be more heartwarming than a new plasma screen and twin fridges.

GEMINI: This years Dog days could see Geminis developing a stronger social conscience and higher community profile spending more time livening up neighborhood meetings and fundraising for charitable causes than hanging at openings.

CANCER: Every dog has its day and traditionally the year of the furry four footed one brings peace and harmony in the home resist the impulse to snap and nip over minor niggles and this could be a year of domestic serenity. Plus you can pass off your passion for hoarding as eco-recycling.

LEO: The year of the noble Dog is dead against wasteful extravagance, so better start recycling those Moet corks to Taronga Park Zoos environmental education and wildlife conservation fund. Forget about excess spending or careless investments. Moderation, yes speculation, no.

VIRGO: The concerned canines an over-anxious worrywort alert for trouble lurking round every corner, which could play havoc with your nerves. So rather than continually thinking Beware!, try to just be aware of taking on the worlds problems the Virgo/Dog Year cross produced Mother Teresa.

LIBRA: The peace keeping Dog is said to be the Eastern equivalent of Libra and with this years people seeing things in either/or, black or white terms, youll have your work cut out presenting grey as an attractive option. And Chinese folklore says a Dog Year sorts out friends from enemies.

SCORPIO: The year of the idealistic woofer finds you getting on your high horse where human rights and political hypocrisy are concerned. The Dog is fiercely faithful and absolutely committed which suits your loyalty requirements, and emotional honesty gets a helping hand as well this year.

SAGITTARIUS: Dogs like yapping and this year therell be no end to those long, philosophical raves on the Sagittarian View Of Life, The Universe And Everything. But the Dogs altruistic influence shows you how frankness tempered with thoughtfulness and compassion neednt ever be offensive.

CAPRICORN: The Dog Year prizes the qualities of plain talking, unpretentiousness, social justice and taking responsibilities seriously all areas where Capricorns excel. In business Dog Years traditionally cautious, pessimistic and stingy, favouring ethical investments and modest returns.

AQUARIUS: The year of the egalitarian, humanitarian hound will keep you involved with controversial issues and getting unconventional technologies up and running. Cars fuelled with used chip oil, photon powered mobiles, biodegradable buildings yeah, bring it on, its your kind of year.

PISCES: The year of the canine quadruped is likely to shift Fish focus from first person singular survival to wider issues of group, community and planet. A supportive year with friends ready to help, and wellbeing within reach if you can be grateful for whatever comes and goes.

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