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With this weeks Sun joining Mercury, Neptune and Chiron in the sign of the visionary Waterpourer, the words of great Scottish Aquarian Robbie Burns are not inappropriate: When first the human race began, The social, friendly, honest manTis he fulfils great Natures plan. Though political correctness isnt looking big on the weeks agenda

ARIES: You precocious, impatient mob could run into problems if you push things too fast in their early stages this week. Projects expanded too quickly could collapse suddenly. Even just refraining from making assumptions and taking life step by step will majorly upgrade your week.

TAURUS: This is the time the ancient world honored Hathor, Egypts Venus queen of heaven, love and beauty and your planetary ruler. This weeks energy definitely needs grounding, so do your Tauran love thing by making life beautiful, sensual and harmonious for everyone around you.

GEMINI: Geminis can generally drum up money just like that, but this week it mightnt seem so easy. An ambitious project turns out to be wildly expensive is it really worth it? Or are wild ideas leading you towards carelessness and the mistake-prone zone?

CANCER: This weeks Aquarian star scenario is guaranteed to winkle Cancerians out of their comfy rut. Before you start panicking, all thats being asked is that you do at least one new and different thing each day how hard could that be?

LEO: Aquarian writer Virginia Woolf advised: Let us not take it for granted that life exists more fully in what is commonly thought big than in what is commonly thought small. And unless youre careful this week, little things could cause problems out of all proportions to their size.

VIRGO: A good week to book in for a body service and tuneup. And if accepted medical practices raise doubts, its also an astrologically auspicious time for exploring new ways of wellness in keeping with current times and conditions rather than getting spooked by pandemic health terrorism.

LIBRA: If youre looking for a dose of stimulation this week, youre better off generating it yourself. Freshen up the Life Of Libra revamp the work environment, do a wardrobe makeover, give your romantic life a bit of spritz, take a holiday somewhere off the beaten track

SCORPIO: This weeks frenetic, electric energies make maintaining a positive mental attitude absolutely essential, so stay calm, unfrazzled and as stable as youre able to. Dont get hooked into someone elses bad mood or pessimistic viewpoint. Focus on good news, avoid the dark side.

SAGITTARIUS: Four planets in Aquarius make this one of the years most contradictory periods, but with a major potential for group healing. Accepting its vagaries with good grace could open a window of opportunity for a healing reconciliation or at least a ceasefire of hostilities.

CAPRICORN: This weeks quite likely to hit Capricornworld with something completely unexpected, a wham bam out of the blue opulent offer, sudden retraction, promising start, arbitrary ending, change of direction Nothing you can control either you just have to work with it.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians are specialists in the sudden move at the unexpected moment which can make others nervous, never knowing what to expect. Sharing your feelings and intentions will make intimacy much more available and satisfying this week. And happy birthday

PISCES: Anyone trying to change you this week wont get far theyll just have to accept you the way you are: as someone who needs to live by their own rules, act on their own instincts and learn from their own experiences. If youve been angsting over a decision, this week makes it for you.

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