StarGazing with Lillith

This weeks Venus joining the Sun and Mercury in Gemini promises some scintillating socialising to balance the effects of Mercury/Neptune retrogrades inevitable round of mechanical, electronic and interpersonal glitches

ARIES: Information could be misleading this week so dont believe all you hear check, then double check. Dont let peoples opinions stir you up either locking horns isnt the way to go. You cant force things at the moment, so for the time being keep them simple.

TAURUS: This could be the week deals are delayed, plans go pear shaped and people seem jumpy and grumpy. Its wiser not to take sides in disputes instead rethink things and youre likely to find options you didnt know you had, resources youd ignored or overlooked.

GEMINI: With Venus, Sun and Mercury in your sign naturally youre all systems go but this week says no, take it slow. The next three weeks are due diligence time for checking, researching and doing some serious homework before you commit to anything big.

CANCER: This week partners could be less willing to give you a hand than usual and more demanding, but like all things this will pass. Concentrate on paying attention to instructions and arrangements, personal belongings and important documents. Remember to back up those computer files too.

LEO: Dont give yourself a hard time for making mistakes this week (you only think youre superhuman) and go easy on others too. Abandon random acts of kindness for intentional acts of generosity. Be aware that flattery could have an ulterior motive then again you mightnt care...

VIRGO: Plenty of interesting ideas are circulating this week, but also masses of static and crossed wires. No matter how articulate and precise you are, resign yourself to the fact that others just mightnt get it. Confirm all arrangements. Dont make assumptions or take anything for granted.

LIBRA: Your leading lady Venus in flirtatious Geminis always playful, but with retro Mercury/Neptune your intentions can be misinterpreted or you might misread someone elses signals. Fortunately both planets are trine your sign, but this week be clear: spell things out rather than assume others understand.

SCORPIO: If this week feels like everyone and everythings blocking you it isnt and they arent, so dont issue ultimatums which will only aggravate the situation. Reinvent yourself instead theres no better time for heading back to the drawing board and coming up with a new plan.

SAGITTARIUS: Archers are the zodiacs travellers, but if you can stay put this week, do. When you are on the move dont cut it fine, allow extra time and dont take risks driving, walking or parking. That said, even in this antsy climate youll still manage to have a good time

CAPRICORN: A week when misunderstandings can suddenly escalate: you say potatoes, they hear tomatoes, youre from Mars, theyre on Venus, lets call the whole thing off Settle. Decision making isnt easy for anyone this week, even Capricorns, but plenty of interesting social intercourse is still available.

AQUARIUS: In your usual lively style youll want to sort this week superfast. But things initiated, committed to, bought or signed during Mercury retrograde often need to be revised, reconsidered, repaired or redone at a later date. Pay attention to detail and conditions apply clauses

PISCES: Your ruling planet retrograding can be confusing, so get a workable operating system happening. Someone disappointed you? Something else will come good. Plan A bombed? Initiate plan B. Doors shut? Check for windows of opportunity push the glass half full idea for all its worth.

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