StarGazing with Lillith

Tread carefully during Tuesdays blue full Moon in Scorpio until midweek Sun joining Mercury in Gemini lightens the astral atmosphere with a delightful hit of spritz and fizz

ARIES: Not all news will be to your liking during Tuesdays tumultuous full Moon, but monitor your responses because angry outbursts wont work for you. It might seem like informations not forthcoming, but that will change late week. Focus on wrapping up unfinished business before next weeks retrogrades.

TAURUS: Tuesdays intense full Moon teamed with a stressfully aspected Venus could stir up strong emotions and dramatic reactions. But wait, theres good news too: which is that late week/weekend socialising looks likely to produce some finance-boosting ideas and opportunities.

GEMINI: Midweek Sun joining Mercury in Gemini gives this weeks energy a celebratory kick-off to your birthday month, Twins. But in the midst of all the hearty partying and feverish activity that implies, do try and finalise major purchases or business contracts before the 27th.

CANCER: If Tuesdays moody full Moon has you feeling introspective rather than outgoing, then use its energy to make positive changes. If somethings coming to an end, treating the situation as a new beginning will go a long way towards making it one.

LEO: Your Majestys dynamic style wont suit everyone this week, so dont be too hard line clever compromise can bring even the stormiest scenes to a satisfying outcome all round. Keep a cool head during Tuesday and Fridays discordant conditions.

VIRGO: Keeping a low profile is the safest way to ride the present emotional tides. If others are expressing frustration in spectacular fashion, dont buy into it big decisions are imminent, and you need a clear mental screen for the realisations this weeks likely to bring.

LIBRA: Tuesdays forceful full Moon could bring hidden information or suppressed feelings out into the open confronting, but an opportunity for healing. Drama apart, its a week of bright ideas and hot shopping possibilities just dont get involved taking sides in anyone elses arguments.

SCORPIO: Take care on the road this week, especially around Tuesdays blue full Moon in Scorpio an intense but also auspicious time for radical changes. Complex issues wont readily respond to black and white, cut and dried solutions, so think outside the square.

SAGITTARIUS: Right now a little changing, a little rearranging would make life easier and with midweek Moon in Sagittarius reinventing yourselfs as easy as breathing. A new look, a new you, a new attitude and better than a holiday with the coming month not well aspected for travel.

CAPRICORN: A take care of business week, but you already do that in your sleep. Sun/Mercurys joint influence in the sign of the whizzkid Twins stimulates that Capricornian wit and revs up your energy for some judicious networking and financially rewarding socialising.

AQUARIUS: A good week to take action about something youre unhappy with. Timings crucial though, so be aware of the appropriate moment to push forward and when its better to stay still and take stock. Tuesday and Friday are both dicey consider them watch and wait days.

PISCES: This weeks astral energy moving from sensual to mental makes it easier for Pisceans to be more objective. Just in time too, because right now others want to get things done with a minimum of fuss, complication or emotional D & Ms.

Picnics hard with out boiled eggs

Picnics hard with out boiled eggs

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Airport gets 4.5 million investment

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Lantern Parade Update #3

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