StarGazing with Lillith

With Sun and Venus in Taurus the tug of the comfort zones imperative though saved from total Homer Simpsonesqueness this week by gregarious Mercury in Geminis outgoing urge to socialise.

ARIES: This weeks emphasis in your house of funds, finance, income and the economic health of Planet Ram asks you to face financial obligations, respect credit limits, avoid rash cash schemes and enjoy this week without unnecessary spending or over-the-top comfort shopping.

TAURUS: Sun and Venus in your sign make this a golden time for Taurans which escalates your attraction factor, rewards you taking initiative and suggests writing a current wish list.The only catch from this weeks shower of blessings could be overindulgence.

GEMINI: Mercury in Geminis at its wittiest and most brilliant, so your minds firing at high speed. With the present astral focus in your twelfth house of self-examination, focus that laser intellect on analysing, clarifying, simplifying and realigning your life before anyone elses.

CANCER:Its lifestyle colonic time again for getting rid of workplace accumulations, domestic congestion and junk thought processes. Dark moods will prevent you enjoying this weeks affectionate pleasures, so the company of free spirited, uplifting, playful, well tempered friends is recommended.

LEO: With Mercury in Geminis gift of the gab turning your words platinum, it makes sense this week to cultivate influential people, follow up desirable contacts and try not to disrespect anyone.Even if you could care less, its still worthwhile keeping others on side.

VIRGO: Saturn moving forward out of retrograde in Virgo makes you independent, self reliant, and rewards your work with much more satisfying results than youve been getting lately. So relax, you dont have to try so hard this week appreciates your way of doing things.

LIBRA: While the present overall emphasis is on financial realities, your ruler Venus in artistic Taurus and Mercury in congenial Gemini render this week extremely Libra friendly. If hard line economys getting the people around you down, a domestic makeover or workplace rearrangement will lift their spirits.

SCORPIO: This week highlights alliances of all kinds, from up close and personal through office politics to general public relations. Yes, group responsibilities do take up valuable time, but they also strengthen mutual ties that will open up a whole new world of support.

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury in Geminis the talkers transit, not that Sagittarians need any extra encouragement. Though you favour the no-worries approach, removing the rose-coloured specs will serve you better this week, which benefits from listening: to relatives, co-workers, health professionals, sensible advice.

CAPRICORN: Your planetary ruler Saturn moving out of retrograde lessens financial and family pressures and makes your efforts in all directions more productive. With this months planets in your house of pleasure and creativity, find fun ways to indulge yourself and those on your current A list.

AQUARIUS: This week suggests making your base of operations more comfortable and user friendly with value-adding upgrades to home, office or surroundings where you spend the most time. Meeting-of-minds Mercury balanced by more sensual Tauran rhythms are suggesting a particularly pleasant week for Aquarians.

PISCES: A lively week of interesting discussions and stimulating communications which pave the way out of seemingly difficult situations or obstacles created by lack of knowledge and information. Theres plenty of potential for making positive relationship changes too...

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