Misleading statements

Misleading statements

A few years ago I had reason to challenge Supt Bruce Lyons about statements he made, in the press, about the type of people who live in Nimbin.

I now find the statements by him and the media (probably obtained from the police) about the MardiGrass weekendare being used for maximum effectonce again toflogNimbin.

Statements such as: 50kg of pot have been seized inan interview about the MardiGrass. Many people would take this to mean 50kg of pot was seized over the MardiGrass weekend.I do not believe that thiswasthe case. In factmost of this 50kg was seizedin Koonorigan, near Lismore, where a major bust took place recently. I would like to know, if this is the case, what have the police to gain by insinuating this siezure took place at MardiGrass, or even Nimbin for that matter?

The other statement is 80 arrests were made over the weekend. We do know around 40 of these were made at a roadblock at Goolmangar, also close to Lismore. Around 20 or so being cautions. How many of these were alcohol related, and if you set up a roadblock on a normal Saturday afternoon, what would be the number of offences you would expect to find? Would you relate them all to Nimbin? Or would the road be seen to be a major tourist route for people travelling between Lismore and the Gold Coast?

It is usually fairly obvious when an arrest is made at MardiGrass andI am sure there were a number made, however no-one I know saw any arrests.The statement leads us to believe that there were about 40 arrests in Nimbin on the weekend. I would like to know if this is in factcorrect.

For some reason there is a tendency to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to making Nimbin look bad. We need the facts not the fantasy. We have plenty of that when it comes to people making judgments aboutus, because we live in Nimbin. A beautiful vibrant community that likes things just a little bit different.

I hope all the visitors and the visiting constabulary had a fineweekend. The floats were fantastic in the parade and the organisersshould be proud of their fantastic effort.

Tarang Bates


High cost

The Catholic church is bringing the Pope to Australia for their Youth Day on his worldwide tour.

The Catholic church, one of, if not the richest organisation in the world, will be getting the Australian taxpayer to pay for the privilege of the occasion.

I am a pagan and resent that this visit by the Catholic Pope will cost us $86 million.

Surely the Catholic church could pay for the privilege of their spiritual leaders tour?

After all, this is a big promo for the Catholic church, not for the down and outs in Australia doing it tough.

The $86 million would be better spent on Indigenous well-being and the homeless, rather than forking it out to an organisation already abundantly wealthy. Food for thought for the Australian Labor Party?

Paul Brecht


Care and respect

Thank you Rudi Maxwell and The Echo for taking such a caring, responsible and respectful stand on the reporting of tragedy and the issue of public intrusion on peoples private grief (Echo, April 10). Thank you for treating those individuals and families directly affected by tragedy with the respect and dignity that every human being deserves, regardless of whether others consider their story as newsworthy.

Doris Williams

The Channon

Moving right along

Re: McLeans Ridges development moves ahead (Echo, April 10).

I sincerely hopes it moves right ahead to the shredder, along with the other major development proposal being considered.

Just exactly where is this village development talk coming from or indeed going to?

There is no village at McLeans Ridges, Richmond Hill, Bexhill, Eltham, Modanville, Numulgi or Caniaba.

This proposal is simply a ploy by developers, in conjunction with Council, to pursue their oligopoly approach in order to bypass and railroad a belief that seemingly complies with current policies and guidelines for development on this scale in a rural setting.

It is not only totally untrue and inappropriate but doesnt not comply nor cannot ever comply with the current DCP, RHS, SIA, EIS, CHA, Rous Water guidelines or anything else you can think of.

So why are we (residents and Council) still even discussing these totally preposterous proposals in this area, in their current format?

No, no, and no again, I say.

V Myler

McLeans RidgesPS: Could I have the shredded material for my compost bin? The worms love it!

Good response

I would like to sincerely thank you for your support during our 2008 Bowelscan campaign.

Through the commitment of our local Rotary Clubs and organisations like The Northern Rivers Echo, we were able to make a huge difference in making sure our local communities are aware of bowel cancer and bowel disease. This year we were able to increase our kit sales, in the Lismore cluster, which goes from Mullumbimby to Glen Innes, Casino and Kyogle, by a huge 12 per cent. This was truly a marvellous result.

Thank you for living our 2007/2008 theme of Rotary Shares.

Sue Lloyd

Lismore Cluster Co-ordinator

The National Bowelscan Committee Incorporated

Anzac thanks

On behalf of the veteran community of Lismore I wish to thank all who attended the dawn service and the commemoration ceremony on Anzac Day.

Services such as these cannot just happen; many people assist in making Anzac Day a success and the veterans say thank you to all these people. It is not possible to name all who helped. The list of residents who dropped off bags of rosemary cuttings right through to those who supported veterans welfare by buying badges and the school students who marched is too long and too many remain anonymous.

Some people and organisations deserve special mention because without their efforts the day would not have been the success it was. Lismore Taxis, Lismore City Council Parks and Garden staff, members of the 41 Battalion RNSWR, the choir of Lismore High School, the school captains who participated in the reading of the prayers, the students from St Johns College Woodlawn and the musicians led by Jim Hawkins, all played significant parts in the success of our Anzac commemorations. Two special mentions must be made: Emile Alexander, captain of Lismore High who marched as a member of the Lismore Pipe Band and then acted as MC, a daunting task in front of so many people, and Phillip Kreutzer, the bugler from Trinity Catholic College who played with aplomb beyond his 13 years.

As age wearies veterans it is vital that the spirit of Anzac be kept alive and this can only be done by ensuring that our youth understand and value the legacy of that awful day in 1915. We veterans in Lismore are sure that this is happening with our young citizens of Lismore.

Bob Mowle


City of Lismore RSL Sub- Branch

Fight begins

With the announcement the federal government plans toreform 100 lawsto give de facto rights to gay and lesbian couples, I have been left intwo minds.

While Im certainly not going to complain about this long overdue reform occurring, Im curious as to why the remaining discrimination that gay couples face in marriage, civil unions, the census and a variety of other forms is not going to be included in the reforms? Why do certain states recognise same sex couples adoption and IVF rights but other states and the feds do not? Why are private schools allowed to sack gay teachers and stop gay students from bringing their partners to school formals, as recently occurred at a top Brisbane Anglican school? Why are churches given exceptions to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender and gender identity? Where are the changes to school curriculum that are inclusive of gay history, sex ed and queer theory? Where are the reforms to allow gay refugees automatic asylum if they are going to be executed or imprisoned for homosexuality in the 73 countries where gays are illegal? When will parents rejecting a child on the grounds of sexuality or gender identity become a criminal offence? And when will the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood be lifted, like in many other countries? While this announcement is a good start, gay Australians are a long way from equality and the fight has only just really begun.

Ben Cooper


Mob's got ScoMo all worked out

Mob's got ScoMo all worked out

Have ScoMo's scare tactics gone to far?

Strength in diversity

Strength in diversity

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'Together we have achieved a lot'

Thank you to everyone