StarGazing with Lillith

This weeks mega-determined astro vibes are among the years best for getting on top of something youve been putting off with Thursday/Fridays Venus particularly promising for relationship makeovers: sorting, restructuring, brokering new agreements...

ARIES: Speak your mind this week, but keep it kind. Avoid expressing dissatisfaction in over blunt, potentially hurtful terms because even if you could care less, in the inescapable web of interconnectedness its better for your future interests to have others on side than against.

TAURUS: With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Taurus corner solidly rooting existence in here-and-now reality, this weeks challenge is looking beyond the world of appearances into the realm of the invisible being aware of the powerful effect of thoughts, words and feelings.

GEMINI: As Taurus the Bull puts its foot down on Aries enthusiasm, people become less interested in ideas and more in what they can smell, touch and especially eat making this a week when business lunches and strategic dinners could really get concrete results.

CANCER: The present transit isnt particularly delicate or sensitive, but make up your mind to Crab-step sideways and let dinosaurs lumber past, and youll find this weeks sensual possibilities and money-making opportunities more than make up for its occasional booffiness.

LEO: If your Majestys casual attitude to extravagance has you wondering where the money went, figuring out how to achieve better effects with less expenditure and considering ways to top up the regal coffers, then get them under way before the end of next months Jupiter/Mercury retrograde.

VIRGO: As the cosmic merry-go-round slows down a bit, the Virgo home page and heart department will benefit from a little judicious rejigging. Caring and being cared for are important this week, which is auspicious for taking the initiative and speaking up about a difficult issue.

LIBRA:Your boss goddess Venus joining other major planets in the sign of tempting indulgences makes this weeks stars simultaneously sensual and sensible so if you overdo it (and who could blame you?) balance excesses by following up with a little less.

SCORPIO: With your attraction factor off the Richter, too much of a good thing could end up being, well, too much, while saying no occasionally makes you even more desirable. This weeks birthday writer, Anita Loos says it best: Cultivate a few inhibitions and get some sleep.

SAGITTARIUS: If this week seems to be slowing you down let it, so new information updates can enable you to make better personal and financial choices. And take a few minutes too every day for pleasurable time out to stop and smell the roses.

CAPRICORN: We all have tried and tested methods we know work, but unless we reassess and vary them they calcify into predictable responses. Try looking at yourself through other peoples eyes this week: be spontaneous try something youve never done before.

AQUARIUS: This weeks stars suggest servicing and nurturing your personal physical vehicle, plus giving relationships and business interests what they need to run smoothly and efficiently practical advice which might seem unadventurous, but could save you costly headaches later on.

PISCES: This weeks star scenario focuses on practicalities: financial realities, money management and making efficient use of your energy and resources. Stop yawning! Midweek Piscean Moon favours pursuits dearer to your fishy spirit: artistic, creative and intimate activities.

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