StarGazing with Lillith

The Dalai Lamas advice to Olympic demonstrators applies pretty well across the board this week: Anger, confrontation and condemnation cannot bring harmony. Hostile attitudes only heat up a situation, whereas a sense of respect gradually cools down what would otherwise become explosive.

ARIES: This week could test the strong new resolutions youve made recently as adverse Mars/Venus/Jupiter aspects activate classic power clashes during which charm will work better than arguing. Reread the above intro and treat others the way youd like to be treated.

TAURUS: Happy birthday Taurus! Though with Mercury joining the Sun in your sign, the cosmic climates at its most stubborn just when an attitude adjustment on your part could bring you some influential assistance especially when Thursdays relationship planets are having a spat.

GEMINI: Your boss planet Mercury leaving the sign of ideas and arguments for the zone of show-me-the-money brings recent discussions down to crunch time. When, how long and how much are questions that need answering at this weeks negotiating table.

CANCER: Relationships have taken a bit of a hammering lately and this week requires tolerance on your part. Not the lip service kind but genuine forbearance for peoples paths that may be radically different from yours and thats for your sake more than theirs.

LEO: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune all in fixed signs. Youre a fixed sign. Getting the picture? Something resistant or unwilling needs to change for you to succeed as brilliantly as youd like to this week. Is it you? Right now its not likely to be anyone else.

VIRGO: An earthy, Virgo friendly week with the odd trying circumstance on Thursday the only thing likely to throw you. Paperworks important right now though when isnt it? and though others are stubborn, theyre also more reliable and dependable than they have been.

LIBRA: Tauran energy provides pleasantly grounding ballast to this weeks Libran balancing act as you assess whats valuable in your life, environment and relationships. Tread carefully around Thursday when your ruler Venus isnt at her best nor is the general public.

SCORPIO: With the weekends Scorpio full Moon wow factor still operating, your impacts considerable this week and others are interested in what youre offering. Slow to commit though, which suggests working smarter rather than harder till the cosmic tide turns.

SAGITTARIUS:Insisting on rushing or hurrying people this week will only make them resistant. Waiting for them to make up their minds might be like watching paint dry, especially during late week Sagittarius Moon, but thats your cue to see how gracefully you can play the waiting game.

CAPRICORN:Present energy brings a powerful forward thrust for Capricorns, offering opportunities for financial growth and throwing down a challenge to deepen personal commitments as this week keeps reminding you that the six degrees of separation between each of us is an inescapable reality.

AQUARIUS: If financial information or personal concerns you werent aware of surface this week, take whatever time you need to adjust to this new perspective. Dont let emotional pressure prompt you into making abrupt decisions, especially around Thursday.

PISCES: This weeks stars suggest being selective about who you hang out with and sticking to a compatible mix of companions. Being part of a supportive team will go a long way to help dealing with late week relationship pressures and tensions.

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