StarGazing with Lillith

As fiery Aries vibes give way to the more material world of Taurus, a Grand Trine in earth signs focusses this weekend firmly in the empire of the senses.

ARIES: Youre keen to take the lead this week, but dont get defensive if someone doesnt see things your way. Planetary boss Mars in your home sector makes this a major impatience transit if feelings run high, focus on the bigger picture and try not to over-personalise.

TAURUS: This week brushes any cobwebs off your creative nature and sprinkles you with personal growth powder. Research, network, information gather, bounce ideas off friends and being generous with time, money or resources will boomerang back to you with plenty of value added.

GEMINI: A peak week for sales and self promotion though the present cornucopia of new people, offers, information, ideas and opportunities require you to upgrade old habitual responses: things like saying yes to everything, overcommitting, triple booking, talking too much, listening too little.

CANCER: This week could bring the need to revise certain behaviour. Resist playing the poor-me card it wont help. Instead establish an understanding of whats not working and what might. Dont expect others to provide what you need create it yourself.

LEO: Your flamboyant Majestys impressing the heck out of everyone, but during this excessive, extravagant transit the temptation to overdo it is strong and a timely exits wise. Be advised too that like you, this weeks tempestuous types are also suckers for love and appreciation.

VIRGO: Yes, others are demanding and many of their plans hopelessly over-the-top, but its important to dream. Expect unrestrained citizens speaking their minds this week, with the sweetener Sundays refreshingly reassuring Grand Trine in down-to-earth signs.

LIBRA: If the urge to splurge on something lavish surfaces, big ticket purchases are best postponed till next week. And though its a difficult word for Librans, this week needs you saying no to anything that will take too much energy and attention from where you know it should go.

SCORPIO: As this week shines the spotlight on your boss qualities, your ability to turn dreams into concrete reality accelerates. Though if somethings not working dont force it, try a different approach versatility works best during this highly spontaneous and spirited transit.

SAGITTARIUS: Rather than running on impulse, examine your behaviour, thoughts, feelings and intentions this week. What do you want to achieve? Is the way youre going about it likely to do that? This week needs you seeing things as they are rather than your preferred version of reality.

CAPRICORN: This button-pushing weeks best approached with an open mind, whatever compassion you can manage and a willingness to suspend snap judgments a smile will work wonders and a sense of humours crucial. Right now the way you say things is more important than what youre saying.

AQUARIUS: If youre hot to start something new do it, but also consult others for balanced decision making. This weeks strong energy can get in a flap at the drop of a hat, so try not to say anything in the heat of the moment that you may regret later.

PISCES:You need to do your own thing right now whether others like it or not. This weeks likely to highlight who you can count on, and challenge you to get real about something you may only have been playing around with up till now.

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