The gold has a bloody tinge

In the 1970s people started to come to the realisation Germany and Japan had actually won the Second WWII. Post war reconstruction, funded mostly by America, had worked so well that their economies provided a better standard of living for their citizens than ours. In much the same way, we are on the edge of another rather annoying epiphany: the communist bloc won the Cold War.

Americas chilly war with the USSR, which eventually bankrupted the Russians, left the US in debt and under the thumb of the largest communist country in the world: China.

This year the international community will flock, swimming cap in hand, inside the borders of this highly polluted and brutal regime. There will be no boycott, like there was for the Moscow Olympics in 1980. The war against totalitarian communism is over; they won.

Its not all bad. You will be happy to learn the Chinese have promised not to harvest the internal organs of the Tibetan protesters who they are executing at the moment. A fabulous religious concession offered so the rebels can enjoy an easier journey through reincarnation.

Here in sport-obsessed Australia, the mention of civil rights, and the barbarism of the Chinese totalitarian state, are just the mutterings of trouble-makers. Political activists can bugger off with their mad ideas about democracy, equity, decency and an end to the death penalty. What matters is our gold tally. Our kiddies have trained all their lives for a chance to compete at the Olympics.We cant deny them a chance to stand on the dais, in the smog, as the Peoples Republic of China, Beijing orchestra squirts out another tinny rendition of Advance Australia Fair. This is a chance for us, as a nation, to affirm our most important ethical belief: winning is everything. Its more important than freedom, its more important than civil rights, its more important than human life.

Furthermore, comrades, if we dont cowtow to the Chinese Communist Party, they could call in their debts or just raise their lending rates a couple of percentage points. Interest rates would go through the roof.

Sure, the Peoples Army isnt blowing holes through our chests, but the Chinese Communist Party still has a significant effect on our economy and, hence, our government.

At least well be comfortable sitting on our Chinese lounges in our Chinese-made clothes, eating from Chinese crockery with Chinese cutlery while enjoying watching the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing on our Chinese-made TVs.

The communists won the Cold War and their prize was capitalism, a vast Dickensian capitalism with a repressive empire, massive pollution, prison factories and an insatiable appetite for resources. Were a proud part of that empire now, and our huge haul of gold will have a bloody tinge.

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