StarGazing with Lillith

This quintessentially Aries week colours emotions and events with dynamic intensity the temptations to overdo it will be extreme, so take your chill pills, practise creative patience and enjoy the ride.

ARIES: Think youre Superman? Wonder Woman? Even though youre notorious for not taking advice, its in your own best interests for you Who Do Too Much not to overextend yourself physically, emotionally, financially or verbally during this rip roaring, gale force week.

TAURUS: Your leading lady Venus in Aries suggests stepping out of your comfort zone into the thrills and rewards of taking (even if in your case theyre fairly calculated) risks. Watch people with hard-sell agendas: pressure wont work on Taurans, but youre suckers for a seductive approach.

GEMINI: This hot and happening week of zoom and enthusiasm is just your speed: fast and furious.But not all plain sailing expect differences of opinion and volatile responses. During this transit others are monumentally touchy and easily offended even a casual comment can shatter goodwill.

CANCER: Handle this fiery, full on week with your trademark lateral Crab strategies: the signature sidestep out of the firing line, replying to tricky questions with other questions Not seeing people as enemies leaves the door open for them to become your allies.

LEO:As this weeks confrontational citizens barge round trying to take charge, rather than letting their mad antics get your back up remember the more they take on the less you have to. Handle all dramas matter of factly including your own.

VIRGO: Explosive emotions, tantrums, dummy spits and histrionics could all be colourful threads in this weeks tapestry but you dont have to engage with argumentative, antagonistic types. Keep cool and work off agitation physical activitys this weeks best stress release recommendation.

LIBRA: This weeks calculated to tax Libran equilibrium to the max with everyone wanting everything yesterday and acting up if they dont get it.Partners are likely to be more demanding than usual, but on the upside creative juices are bubbling and energy levels peaking.

SCORPIO: Right now the force is so awesomely with you that you may have to ease up a little on the intensity or lesser beings could sustain scorch marks. Give your mind a specific project so it doesnt waste this weeks brilliant initiative stirring the pot instead of achieving miracles.

SAGITTARIUS:This passionate week has fabulous aspect for travel, creative sparks, meeting new people or striking out in a new direction.Its fiery vibes carry a high accident rating though, so take extra care and stay aware when changing your mind especially behind the wheel.

CAPRICORN:Things that formerly seemed important could lose their imperative as new perspectives and realisations take their place. Take the best from whats leaving your life and move on. Present changes open a new path asking you to make healthy choices for your future financial security.

AQUARIUS:Just the kind of exuberant, lets do it week Aquarians find stimulating.But its also a turbulent, accident-accelerating transit, so check any tendency to be hasty, impatient, speedy or too insistent with outspoken opinions, because others are touchy and combustible.

PISCES: This weeks people could be inconsiderate or hurtful without realising or meaning to not everyone expresses their feelings as easily as Pisceans. Hint: little gifts and love treats to soothe the cosmic heat could make this a very memorable week in the romance department.

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