Kristinas workshops

The fabulous Kristina Olsen is in the Northern Rivers and will be holding evening workshops for budding and blooming musos and dance too!

Kristina Olsen is one of the great performers on the international folk circuit. She plays guitar like ringin a bell (both regular and slide) and piano. She has a big bluesy voice and writes songs that are remembered long after the gig is done.

She was born in San Francisco and raised during the 60s (and the 60s were very interesting times in San Francisco) and no doubt wore flowers in her hair. Her social attitude and strong activism were certainly inspired by that era. Since then she has wandered the globe refining her talents and becoming an international artist welcomed throughout the world.

But now, at least for a while, Kristina is a Lismore resident (is Lismore arts central or what?) and shes offering locals the benefit of her musical knowledge through a series of four-week evening workshops held at the Conservatorium in Lismore. (And knowing Kristina, theyll be heaps of fun.)

Her four workshops are Songwriting (to improve your skills with the different aspects of writing lyrics, melody and rhythm) on Wednesdays, April 2-23, 5.30-7.30pm and Thursdays, June 5-26, 8-10pm; Guitar Soloing (for people who have no clue) on Wednesdays, April 2-23, 8-10pm and Thursdays, June 5-26, 5.30-7.30pm; and Slide Guitar (no previous experience playing slide needed, but you do need a basic knowledge of the guitar) on Thursdays, April 3-24, 5.30-7.30pm and Wednesdays, June 4-25, 8-10pm.

Kristina will also run a workshop on another of her passions, dancing.

Her workshop Pushme Pullyou The Physics of Partner Dance has been the surprise hit at swing music camps throughout Canada and the US. Kristina teaches universal lead and follow techniques so you can dance with anyone to any music. This class is for both total beginners and experienced partner dancers.

And you dont need a partner to do the workshop. (Just a flexible mind and desire to dance.)

It runs Thursdays, April 3-24, 8-10pm and Wednesdays, June 4-25, 5.30-7.30pm.

Each block of workshops costs only $60. To book phone 6621 2266.

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