StarGazing with Lillith

Mercury joining the Sun, Venus and new Moon in Aries makes this week one of the years hottest for sudden radical shifts of mind, heart or life direction when old ways of functioning no longer satisfy and new beginnings appeal

ARIES: Youll make an intense impression on others this week, so present your best: look good, behave impeccably, model the person you want to be this year.Make those changes youve been contemplating Aries new Moon weekends the peak time for writing wish lists.

TAURUS: Aprils emphasis in your house of self examination and realisation, plus some confronting Venus aspects, could have you facing up to certain long-standing relationship issues this week. During which why be stubborn like they say, strength is holding on and wisdoms letting go.

GEMINI: Aprils star cards feature even more group interacting than usual, with ideas flying and travel likely. This weeks great for judicious schmoozing but take extra care not to step on anyones toes the present astral weathers both hot headed and quick tempered.

CANCER: April activates Cancerian careers, so pay attention to anyone who could further your professional interests. Workshop, brainstorm, do whatever it takes to upgrade your business tactics and remember this week that being sharp, picky or critical will work against you.

LEO: Use this weeks tremendous impetus to say no to messy situations, stressful connections or problem-creating arrangements in your life, to simplify whatevers become over complicated. Youll do your best thinking solo, though that wont for a moment rule out plenty of ensemble hanky panky

VIRGO:No doubt about it, April always gives your resourcefulness a workout. Its the most vibrant, go ahead month in the astrological year for getting stuff done, but be advised this week could finally blow the cork on a bottled up issue probably around Thursday.

LIBRA: Libras the zodiacs premier relationship sign and Aprils all about understanding others: in business, at home, in social groups loved ones, friends, competitors. Sweet people, impossible people, people on all sorts of power trips this fascinating week brings plenty to practice with.

SCORPIO: Scorpios April astral agenda centres round work (find more efficient systems), coworkers (be helpful, talk things through) and health (start looking after it). Luck consists mostly in skillfully turning circumstances to your advantage, so use this week to benefit from the inevitable.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians learn more from experience than theories, meaning sometimes you wont listen, cant be told, have to make your own mistakes. Acting with discretion could convert a liability into a plus this week acting without it may provoke some fiery responses.

CAPRICORN:Most of Aprils activity centres round your home, family or domestic circle. The closure of a long term phase is possible and/or changes to your living environment, with this upbeat week a blast of full colour, fast action and creative projects taking off.

AQUARIUS:This enterprising, action packed week could tax your tact, patience and sensitivity skills to the max, but is that a bad thing? Avoid bluntness: a little reverse psychology will work wonders.The weeks biggest no-nos? Making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

PISCES:Aprils emphasis in your house of income and profits paints a promising economic picture, so look for ways to improve your financial status.While cash could start flowing in this week, it might flow out even faster during Thursday/Fridays Pisces Moon.

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