The Revue interview

Valerie Bader (second from left) is part of The Wharf Revue team, which is bringing its razor-sharp satire to Lismore soon.

For eight years The Wharf Revue has dissected Australian politics and social life with satirical wit and outrageous songs. With a cast of four Jonathan Biggins, Phillip Scott, Drew Forsythe and Valerie Bader The Wharf Revue is coming to Lismore on Wednesday, April 9.

The Scene had a chat with one of the fab four performers, Valerie Bader, about the show.

The Wharf near The Rocks area in Sydney was a dream for the Sydney Theatre Companys artistic director Richard Wherrett, Valerie said. He wanted to turn this old, unused wharf into a performance space; an arts precinct.

He did so and the wharf did become a performance space, which the STC shares with Bangarra Dance Company.

Then Robyn Nevin, the new STC artistic director, gave Jonathan Biggins the task of creating a politcal revue. He is, of course, a brilliant satirist, Valerie said. It started out as a show that took place on Friday and Saturday nights at 11pm and used the set of whatever show the STC was running at the time. Jonathan got together with Philip Scott, who is a musical genius with parody, to create a heavily musical satire. Thats how The Wharf Revue was born.

Robyn saw the potential in the show (which Sydneysiders loved) and moved the performance to a regular 8pm timeslot three times a week. And it now had its own set.

The show constantly changes to keep up with the changes in the political landscape. And there have been some pretty big changes recently, Valerie said.

Valerie was born in England but Sydney has been her home for most of her theatrical career. She joined the The Wharf Revue in 2001.

Jonathan wanted a woman who could do everything sing, move, act. And Id done lots of theatre and musicals. Im versatile and thats important in this sort of show. When were on the road with The Wharf Revue we do everything our own props, costume, make-up, wardrobe changes. We even do our own bump out. I love it.

Australias finest satirical vivisectionists will expose the guts of Aussie political life when Norpa presents The Wharf Revue, directed by Jonathan Biggins, at the Star Court Theatre in Lismore on Wednesday, April 9, at 8pm.

Tickets are $45/37/20 and available from or from the Norpa box Office on 1300 066 772.

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