StarGazing with Lillith

With this weeks Sun wishing energetic Aries happy birthday, cosmic weather conditions couldnt be better for getting out and enjoying the heat of the beat on the street

ARIES: This week clever Aries will play the balance card between leading and letting others call the shots. This is your time of year to reinvent yourself remember? So experiment with a fresh presentation, changing your look and practising that loving new attitude.

TAURUS: This week throws its cards face up on the table and what you see is what you get, direct and unedited, so youll know where you stand. If youve been feeling like lashing out on something flashy or doing something dashing, nows the time for it.

GEMINI: Nobody combines work and pleasure better than Geminis, and present astral aspects look set to send you into a networking frenzy.This week goes places and you like that just know that some of those places will be thrilling, some temperamental, others confronting.

CANCER: With this weeks Sun in another cardinal sign, signals in the domestic sector will be loud and clear, though possibly not entirely what you want to hear. But as long as you dont overpersonalise things, this could be a highly exciting time in the partnership department.

LEO: This week ushering in a new mood of optimism and expansion moves, shakes and swings you full steam ahead. While nobodys in the mood to be bossed, with present aspects flicking a flame to your Majestys high octane, flamboyant showbiz personality, whos likely to refuse you?

VIRGO: This weeks rash, brash, slapdash citizens initiating things without finishing them will definitely test Virgo perfection-meisters. Even so, their cheeky charm and vivaciousness are a big plus and with you supplying the necessary finesse and follow through, admirable results could be achieved.

LIBRA: Its the time of year to get clear about what you want because several versions are heading your way and you wouldnt want to pick the wrong one, would you? Fortunately the Sun in Aries, your astrological opposite, brings the ability to make decisions instantly this week.

SCORPIO: Attractions to people, deals or ideas are magnetically compelling during this weeks power and passion transit, so use your trademark cool to think things through before saying, doing or committing to anything you might regret especially during Monday through Wednesdays Scorpio Moon.

SAGITTARIUS: During this gregarious, Sagittarius-friendly week, its essential to pace yourself, keep a clear focus and above all dont overcommit. Thursday/Fridays Sagittarius Moon combined with Jupiter in a generous mood suggests unexpected assistance, a brilliant idea or lucky break.

CAPRICORN: This week delivers a welcome energy surge, but its also the annual do-it-my-way transit with people refusing to play by the rules and ignoring the fact that Capricorns know best. Get over it and make the most of this adventurous, patience-testing week.

AQUARIUS: This weeks receptive to original, progressive ideas so expect some stimulating developments. Its electric energy injection could send you in an exciting new direction (not that Aquarians ever need much encouragement) or if not, then operating with a fresh approach, different style and revamped image.

PISCES: As the new astrological year gets into gear, this week favours forthright action and wont want complications and will expect progress and results. Though with Mercury and Venus in Pisces you shouldnt have any trouble getting your way no matter what they say.

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