Run Fat Boy RunRated MDirected, produced and edite

Run Fat Boy Run

Rated M

Directed, produced and edited by David Schwimmer

Once upon a time you didnt need movie star looks to be a movie star or have to be overly handsome to be the leading man and get the girl. Look at Humphrey Bogart, he got the girl onscreen and off, as did Spencer Tracey. But time passes and tastes change, especially in the fickle film world, and audiences began to insist that their leading men have leading-men looks. Tall, dark and handsome. Tall, blonde and handsome they didnt care as long it was one way or the other. But there is an exception to this rule if the leading man is funny he can look like, well, Woody Allen, or Dudley Moore, or Ben Stiller. Although in Woodys case he also makes his own films, which helps when you want the starring role!

And now continuing this fine tradition is English actor and filmaker Simon Pegg. Believe me, this guy is no Hugh Grant or Colin Firth in the looks department, far from it, but he positively oozes with talent. Check him out in his hilarious zombie spoof Shaun of the Dead and the equally memorable follow-up Hot Fuzz to see what Im talking about.

Unfortunately his latest project Run Fat Boy Run, which Simon co-wrote with Michael Ian Black, is not up to these previously high standards but dont despair, its still a mighty fine romp and a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

In it Simon stars as Dennis Doyle, the Fat Boy from the title, which is the first odd thing about this comedy as hes not fat. The second odd thing about this comedy is why would he desert his gorgeous pregnant partner Libby (Thandie Newton) at the altar! After all he was the one marrying up!

Anyway, five years later, and (surprise, surprise) Dennis is now regretting that decision. The fact that hes a broke, out-of-shape security guard and Libby is now dating a buff, wealthy American investment banker (Hank Azaria) may have something to do with it. Denniss brilliant solution? Hell impress Libby by running in a marathon!

Dont expect to laugh yourself silly with Run Fat Boy Run unless youre easily pleased. I did laugh out loud a few times but its definitely not the laughfest I expected. I hate to say it but I think Hollywood got its claws into this screenplay. It lacks the bite and the originality weve come to expect from Simon Pegg. And check out who produced and directed it David Schwimmer of TVs Friends fame!

That said I was cheering Dennis on as he clocked up the miles in his teeny-weeny shorts and by the finish was happy to forgive Run Fat Boy Run its faults and just enjoy it for what it is, not for what its trying to be. And I always enjoy a British comedy.

So, does dozy Dennis get the girl in the end? Youll just have to see the movie to find out.

And all you Trekkies out there youll be able to check out Simon in the upcoming Star Trek film where he will be playing Scotty, Beam me up!

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